No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: JAFO

    universal head - attack iso 40 - rotation speed 56-1800 rpm - x1250 table 315 mm - 900 mm stroke sse x - y 300 mm - 500 mm z - lunettes - tree - roof command

  • 1981 Jarocin FWD32J, Univ. Head, 12" x 49", 7.5 HP, DRO

    No price - Chicago, IL, USA
      • Weight: 6200 Lbs.

      (1) used jafo-jarocin universal mill,model fwd32j, s/n 0181-2041, new 1981 universal vertical head universal table sony 3-axis digital readout pendant control coolant system f.o.b. chicago, il

    • FWF 32J JAFO

      No price - Łódź, Poland Recently Added

        universal milling machine with drive in beam fwf 32 j r.b - 1996 with sony readings in three axes jafo - jarocin iso-40 very good technical condition. machine connected on the go, not worked. the m...


        No price - Łódź, Poland Recently Added

          universal milling fwr 40 j r.b 1998 jafo jarocin readings in three axes. good technical condition has a swivel milling heads, swivel table, sliding pinole, control of fishing rods, tempered the bed...

        • 1996 Milltronics CNC Mill Milling #3727

          No price - Québec, Canada
          • Manufacturer: Milltronics

          this unit represents the type of equipment available in this category. induma, first mill, lilian, bridgeport, fexac, lagun, elliot, comet, topwell, promajska, holke, millnor, cincinnati, supermax,...

        • FXF 32JU2 JAFO

          No price - Łódź, Poland

            universal milling fxf 32 ju2 r.b-1999 jafo jarocin mint condition. machine tool unique in its class series of machines in different versions of the geometric vertical and horizontal milling, equipp...

          • FWD 32 JAFO JAROCIN

            No price - Łódź, Poland

              milling fwd- 32 t-jarocin jafo good technical condition attached to the machine running the machine has a swivel heads, tempered the bed, fast feed rates, documentation manuals. technical data: - t...

            • FWF 32J2 JAFO JAROCIN

              No price - Łódź, Poland
                • Control: 16

                universal milling machine fwf - 32j2 jafo jarocin attached to the machine running. milling machine has accelerated feeds, hardened guideways, sliding pinole, heads swivel, swivel table, control of ...

              • FWD 32 J JAFO

                No price - Łódź, Poland

                  universal milling machine with a drive in the beam fwd 32 j r.b 1990 jaffa - jarocin 40 iso technical condition very good machine connected to the running. the machine has hardened bed, fast feed r...

                • 1999 Jafo- Jarolin FWF32 J

                  No price - Styria, Austria
                  • Manufacturer: Jafo- Jarolin

                  technical data:-table work area-315 x 1250 mm shift manual along table-820 mm - longitudinal shift mechanical-850 mm - lateral movement manually-235 mm - lateral displacement mechanical-235 mm - ve...