• 2001 Jarny PARIS G85

    • Manufacturer: Jarny

      treatment apparatus 5 ranges ramps cph with diffusers bobard transmission cell and mechanical pump 5 electric tracks with removal support and hand washing layer sold in the state

      Saint-Étienne-de-Mer-Morte, France
    • 2008 M.V.S. Jarny VB12 Grape acceptation

      • Manufacturer: SAF

        sorting table type v12 contact samuel on condition info: very good condition | approximate year: yes

        Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, France
      • 2003 Autres matériels viticoles Jarny RAMPE DE DESHERBAGE

        • Manufacturer: Autres matériels viticoles Jarny

          1 set of 4 ramps in desherber sold in the state state of the material: way

          Saint-Étienne-de-Mer-Morte, France