• 2008 JLT CLAMPS 79X-5-DM CLAMP (DOOR, ROTARY) [CF-011175]

    No price - United States
    • Manufacturer: JLT CLAMPS

    jlt clamps 79x-5-dm dual station miter door pro5-section rotating clamp, 26" x 42" max. cap., 4" x 12" min. cap., 2-1/2" max. thickness cap. -- (2) horizontal and (2) vertical clamps for applying ...

  • JLT CLAMPS 190C-M1 CLAMP, DRAWER [CF-011178]

    $7,295 - MTN/CENTRAL CDN
    • Manufacturer: JLT CLAMPS

    jlt clamps 190c-m1 drawer clamp new heavier frame construction on this vertical free standing clamp with dual fast acting diaphragm cylinders. -- achieve 3,500 lbs clamping force at 100 psi air pr...


    $6,675 - United States
    • Manufacturer: JLT CLAMPS

    jlt clamps 78b-cdfc-m7 face frame / cabinet door clamp. 48" front to back x 72" left to right clamping cap.; clamp is mounted at a 30° decline for easy operation. -- complete with: (2) large lo...

  • JLT 79K-6-DC2 Door Clamp

    $1,450 - United States Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: JLT

    upper midwest jlt 79k-6-dc2 door clamp:front-to-back x 62" left-to-right clamping cap.; door clamp is a single row, 1-station, air operated assembly clamp (mounted on a 30° angle) designed to produ...


    $32,995 - United States
    • Manufacturer: JLT

    jlt pneumatic dual station miter door pro:  •  5 section rotating machine  •  26" x 42" maximum  •  4" x 12" minimum capacity left side  •  26" x 42" maximum  •  4" x 10" minimum capacity right sid...

  • JLT, 79X-5-M, clamp – door

    $13,000 - Canada
    • Manufacturer: JLT

    eastern canada •5 section door pro for clamping & squaring cabinet doors., •each section has a 26" x 62" maximum clamping capacity,  •heavy duty diaphragm cylinders provide up to 1500 lbs of clampi...

  • JLT Clamp Rack Systems For Solid Wood Edge & Face Laminating

    No price - Liverpool, United Kingdom Recently Added

      a rugged and versatile clamping system specifically designed for solid wood edge and face laminating of both hard woods and softwoods. available in two standard sizes, the clamp rack (or panel clam...

    • JLT Double Door Clamp & Entry Door Clamp

      No price - Liverpool, United Kingdom Recently Added

        a quick and easy to use space saving clamping system for frame and door assembly that allows you to change sizes in a matter of seconds. its rugged design means that doors will always be clamped an...

      • JLT Pneumatic Drawer Box Clamp Model 190B-M2

        No price - Liverpool, United Kingdom Recently Added

          a simple to use heavy duty pneumatic clamp specifically designed for clamping drawer boxes. the machine is fited with a 2 hand push button pneumatic safety control. max working capacity 250mm x 600...

        • JLT 190B-M2-48 Drawer Clamp

          No price - Hughesville, PA Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: JLT

          division: woodworking machinery | condition info: as is