• Horiba H128446 Jobin Yvon Spectrum One Spectrometer Labram System w/ Accessories

    $5,000 - Gilroy, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: International

    this jobin yvon horiba spectrum one spectrometer labram system w/ accessories appears to be in good cosmetic condition with normal signs of wear ...

  • 2007 Horiba Raman Labram Aramis spectrometer Jobin Yvon

    $54,557 - Wittstock, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Horiba
    • Hours: 30

    raman spectrometer labram aramis horiba jobin yvon horiba raman labram aramis used machine raman spectrometer of labram aramis vis 400-1100nm bj 2007 horiba jobin yvon raman spectrometer labram ara...