• JPL Presses C300-250kN

    $8,750 - Zevenbergen, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: JPL Presses

    throat: 300 mm | piston stroke: 600 mm | pressure force: 25 ton | table / pallet: 650x330 mm

  • JPL C250 - 15 ton Open gap presses

    No price - Deinze, Belgium
    • Manufacturer: JPL C250 -
    • Capacity: 15 Ton
    • Stroke: 400 mm

    control via handwheel which uses the same principle as a power steering system. the force can be applied variably, so it's possible to clamp an egg betwee the table and the piston. can be used f...

  • 2015 Dynaset JPL

    No price - Romania
    • Manufacturer: Dynaset

    ideal equipment for washing and disinfection of bins and containers -cleaning and disinfection profunzine without requiring the presence of a person or other equipment -spalare fast and effective...