• Jufeba fat fryer

    No price - Bielefeld, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Jufeba

    with proofer with 10 tilting tables with tilting device 10 editions 6-reihig / 36 berliners for 60x80 sheets made of stainless steel mobile switch for temperature control from 60 ° - 200 ° c the fe...

  • Habersang & Jufeba Grease baking system

    $2,797 - Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Habersang & Jufeba

    complete package for 2 grease baking systems included are 1 x haber sang grease baking system 3 x vehicle with tilting support 1 x ersatzkippkorb 1 x large hood 1 x grease filter device 1 x jufeba ...

  • Jufeba WW-GW 10A Fat-frying plants

    No price - Weeze, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Jufeba

    fat-frying plants jufeba ww-gw 10a used machine fat back device, fabr. jufeba, type ww-gw 10a, with automatic lifting device + turning device automatic, capacity approx. 48 berlin, fat tray &am...

  • Heim Gerätebau Jufeba TG 1-3 temperature control unit

    $893 - Babenhausen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Heim Gerätebau

    temperature regulators stock num 12356 title jufeba tg 1-3 temperature control unit manufacturer home appliance construction category temperature regulators subcategory others description table ute...

  • 2005 Jufeba fat fryer

    $4,368 - Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany
    • Manufacturer: JUFEBA

    fat fryer jufeba for 40 berlin with sugar trough - have been very seldom in use - condition: very good - year: around 2005 an inspection is gladly possible after arrangement. further information ...

  • Jufeba WW-GW 20 fat fryer

    $672 - Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany
    • Manufacturer: JUFEBA

    the fat fryer was until recently still in operation. it is fully functional. an inspection is gladly possible after arrangement.

  • Cream cooker Jufeba

    No price - Cologne, Germany

      jufeba cream boiler model stainless steel bakery state jufeba cream kettle suitable for making puddings, creams, jams or bee sting mass the agitator blades can be removed for cleaning with a handle...

    • Fat fryer Jufeba

      $1,404 - Schieder-Schwalenberg, Germany

        jufeba fat fryer with prover automatic turning device mobile, 380 volt, 2 turning grille cover stainless steel device, wooden cart for proofer 10 gärgutträgern for each 48 berlin = up to 480 proofer

      • Fat fryer Jufeba

        $674 - Schieder-Schwalenberg, Germany

          fat fryer , grease pan , siedegerät jufeba drip pan, 380 volt with two bars and a cover two heating coils of a new beautiful large shallow pan dimension 0,62m deep and 0,83m long

        • Jufeba fat fryer for 48 Berlin

          $1,685 - Kelheim, Germany

            jufeba fat fryer for 48 berlin incl. oven and 8 wendekipptrögel in a very good condition, the hood is in this super offer incl. the price of 1,500 € net is certainly unique low