• Jydeland Bobman FL 3WD

        is really nice and is 100% functional.

        Låsby, Denmark
      • Jydeland 1100 el

        • Manufacturer: Jydeland
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        • Jydeland rund kost

              is for sale: for sale now

              Låsby, Denmark
            • 2016 Jydeland Feeder Self-propelled feed mixer

              • Manufacturer: Jydeland

                mix & distribute forage eg. mix the sugar beet chips directly, mix them with alfalfa, energy feed and minerals other components are, of course, also miscible are you looking for a helper? we got him mix straw and...

                No price
                Birr, Switzerland
              • 2011 BOBMAN BOBMAN S

                • Manufacturer: Hatz

                  jydelands spreading machine spreads in a simple and rational way a uniform layer spread at a distance of 0 - 3 m. the stretching machine was delivered with 3 wd. the spreader is very manoeuvrable and requires a...

                  Westerstede, Germany