• Kahl 40 - 1000

    No price - Rellingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kahl
  • Kahl FGZ 150 35-780

    No price - Rellingen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Kahl
  • Amandus Kahl C39-1000 Pelletizing presses

    No price Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Amandus Kahl

    ever a koller header for a pellet press is offered c39-1000 with 3 rolls of koller and a koller header for a press c45-1250 with four wheels. 7cwddlzme

  • 120 HP AMANDUS KAHL 35-780 #HG62045

    No price - Hungary

      used amandus-kahl pellet mill/pelletizer model 35-780. die outer diameter 780 mm, 60 mm thickness. five press rolls with diameter 280 mm x 60 mm width with manual lubrification system. belt driven ...

    • Pellet Plant, 15-20 Tons/Hr #RG8775

      No price - Europe

        unused pellet plant with (4) pellet presses. approximate capacity is 15-20 tons per hour depending on feed material. made by amandus kahl in 1999 but never installed and never used. it is still in ...

      • Kahl pellet press model 600 55kW Pelletizing presses

        No price - Poland
        • Manufacturer: Kahl pellet press

        pelletizing presses kahl pellet press model 600 55kw used machine kahl pellet press 600 with 55kw motor with control cabinet in good condition movie from working abcs://

      • Kahl Pellet press 780 110kW

        No price - Poland
        • Manufacturer: Kahl Pellet press 780

        kahl pellet press 780 110kw used machine bald 780 pellet press with 110kw and hydraulic head

      • KAHL 1000 Pellet presses

        No price - Poland
        • Manufacturer: KAHL

        pellet presses kahl kahl 1000 used machine two presses kahl 1000 with 200kw motor 4 and 5 roller head with kahl conditioner press in running condition

      • 2015 AMANDUS KAHL Pellet plant press dryer packaging

        No price
        • Manufacturer: AMANDUS KAHL

        complete pellet plant amandus kahl the plant was 2015 set up and put into operation. the plant was not in production use today and is therefore as good as new. ovf2o9w capacity: 1.5 t / h, drying...

      • complete animal feed plan CPM Kahl 2000ton/24h Pellet presses

        No price - Lomza, Poland
        • Manufacturer: complete animal feed plan

        pellet presses complete animal feed plan cpm kahl 2000ton/24h used machine for sale complete feed plant 2000 ton per 24h in includes 5 pellet press cpm 315kw and 250kw 7930 2 pellet press buhler 25...