• Kaspar Schulz Brewhouses (compact)

    No price - Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kaspar Schulz

    brewhouses (compact) kaspar schulz used machine 1 x schulz brewhouse 35 hl (30 bbl) 4 units consisting: -mash pan -lauter tun - wort kettle with outdoor stove - gentlecraftboil 2.0 system (schokoli...

  • Brewhouses "SchoKo" make Kaspar Schulz, for

    No price - Geroda, Germany

      "schoko" make kaspar schulz, for wort cooking through separation of hot holding and evaporation of the wort in 2 section, with expansion evaporator / vacuum tank with flow-rate of 120 hl/h, 1 bar, ...

    • Brewhouses ."SchoKo", make Kaspar Schulz, wort-vacuum-evaporator,

      No price - Geroda, Germany

        ."schoko", make kaspar schulz, wort-vacuum-evaporator, for 200 hl/h, in stainless steel, with electronical cabinet, built 2006, since 2012 out of operation, ex location for sale for 70.000 €

      • Brewhouses Nice, classical 2-vessel-copper-brewhouse, make Huppmann,

        No price - Geroda, Germany

          nice, classical 2-vessel-copper-brewhouse, make huppmann, 100 hl cast wort, built 1964, in 1994 automated from kaspar schulz, standing on one level, mash kettle / wort kettle with hop addition, dir...