• Kinetic Systems KS 9102-24-00 R12D006

    • Manufacturer: FAIR

      this table is in good working condition, except that one of the self-adjusting table top height regulators constantly leaks air.  when air pressure is applied, the table pumps up and lifts, then regulates its hei...

      Leander, TX, USA
    • 2004 KINETICS k2500; 2004; 480" x 120" Dual Head Plasma Cutting System

          equipped with: hypertherm 2600 power supply plasma power: 260 amp | cutting width: 120" | cutting length: 480" | aluminum capacity: 2" | number of plasma heads: 2 | stainless steel capacity: 1 1/4" | mild steel c...

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          South Elgin, IL, USA
        • Industrial Kinetics Inc Conveyor Belt 12"X82" 5F8182

          • Manufacturer: Industrial Kinetics Inc

            industrial kinetics, 12" wide x 80" long, rubber belt conveyor. equipped with a 1 hp drive, adjustable guide rails and mounted on height adjustable legs with an infeed and discharge range of 26" to 33". oad: 87" ...

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            Carol Stream, IL, USA
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            Oregon, United States
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            Oregon, United States
          • Molecular Devices ThermoMax Kinetic Microplate Reader

                standard set of filters: 340, 405, 450, 490, 650. additional filters are available. automatic mixing wavelength range - 340-750 nm. absorbance up to 4.0 au. modes: single wavelength, dual wavelength, kinetics, ra...

                Hayward, CA, USA
              • Molecular Devices Vmax Kinetic Microplate Reader

                    standard set of filters: 405, 450, 490, 650. additional filters are available. automatic mixing before a reading and between readings. wavelength range - 400-750 nm. photometric range up to 4 au modes: single wav...

                    Hayward, CA, USA
                  • BioTek EL340 Kinetic Plate Reader

                    • Manufacturer: Biotek

                      code: 35902

                      Golden Valley, MN, USA
                    • FTS Kinetics Thermal Systems RC-00440-B Maxi Cool Recirculating Chiller

                      • Manufacturer: FTS

                        features fast cool down rate, ambient to -35ºc in less than 20 minutes, small compact footprint, optimal heat removal capacity with quick ramping capability to decrease test time, reliable and accurate process co...

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                        Mountain View, CA, USA
                      • Kinetic Systems 390188-01-0711 54660

                        • Manufacturer: Kinetic Systems

                          tabletop vibration isolation platform. air controlled vibration isolation with self leveling control. dimensions: 36 in. l x 24 in. w x 3-1/4 in. h.

                          Freehold Township, NJ, USA