• 2015 Köckerling Rebell Classic 5,00m

    $25,393 - Werne, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling

    köckerling kurzscheibenegge rebel 5.00 m with striegel demonstration of bj. 2015

  • Köckerling Striegel Frontstriegel 3m

    No price - Loxstedt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    greenland amazone saattank 25 discharges front attachment via triangle attachment 2 large wheels in the front height-adjustable & fully rotatable 360 ​​degrees 2 rows of pre-tines prior to see...

  • Köckerling AT300

    $5,379 - Hillesheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling

    lighting, exactestriegel, fahrgassenschaltung, fahrwerk ,? hydraulic system seed rate adjustment, hydraulic spring pressure adjustment, follower roller, striegel, 2500 ltr. container volume

  • 2016 Köckerling Allrounder

    $15,012 - Büren, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling
    • Model: ALLROUNDER

    allrounder, levelboard, sts roller, striegel, beleuchtung, zustreicher.

  • Köckerling Gemüsehacke 5 Reihig mit Striegel Hackgerät 5 Reihig mit Lenkung

    No price - Loxstedt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling

    köckerling ideal for biological care infinitely variable row adjustment on square profile without tools hacking machine 5 rows row hoe with locking tines feeler wheels for precise depth contro...

  • 2008 Köckerling ULTIMA 400

    No price - Husum, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling
    • Model: ULTIMA 400

    air brakes, hydraulic klappungid: joeg202395, quantron s computer, 3000 ltr. tank volume, loading platform, mounted pump for the hydraulic. fan drive, sts roller 530 mm diam. with striegel, hydr. b...

  • Krummenacher Pius EPS 5 Köckerling Köckeling Striegel Nachsaatgerät

    No price - Loxstedt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling

    köckerling sowing unit manufacturer krummenacher pius model eps5 8 outlets 8 impact plate hose package drive via articulated shaft dreipunkaufbau as pre-attachment three-point mounting for ...

  • 2015 Unbekannt Köckerling Rebell 600 classic T

    $35,512 - Schierling, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling

    pulled hydraulic deck plates, support foot / -radköckerling rebel 600 classic t, disc, bj. 2015, disc diameter 51 cm, 6,00m ab, lighting, bodenleitblech / -striegel, hydraulic folding, wheel, sts p...