• Konica Minolta CS-100A Luminance Meter and Color

    $5,200 - Lake Mary, FL, USA Recently Added

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    • Konica Minolta CS-1000

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

        konica minolta cs-1000 details konica minolta cs-1000 spectroradiometer with lens. the cs-1000 spectroradiometer provides the measurement of luminance chromaticity spectral power distribution an...

      • Konica Minolta LS-150

        No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA
        • Manufacturer: LS

        konica minolta ls-150 details konica minolta ls-150 luminance meter this luminance meter is small and portable for a variety of applications. easy to use for measurement at long and short distances...

      • 2013 Konica Minolta CM 2600d 29267

        $6,936 - Burladingen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Konica Minolta

        konica minolta spectrophotometer cm 2600d. with spherical geometry and horizontal mounting. ball diameter 52mm. wavelength range 360-740nm light source. 3 xenon flash lamps. rs232 interface. ambien...

      • Konica Minolta CA-100

        No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

          konica minolta ca-100 details konica minolta ca-100 the konica minolta crt color analyzer ca-100 is an easy-to-use instrument for white-balance adjustment on crt production lines, with color measur...

        • Konica Minolta CA-210

          No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

            konica minolta ca-210 details konica minolta ca-210 display color analyzer this refurbished ca210 includes the ca-pu12 universal measuring probe the predecessor model, ca-110 lcd color analyzer, wa...

          • Konica Minolta CS-100A

            No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

              konica minolta cs-100a details konica minolta cs-100a luminance meter and color meter cs100a the portable konica minolta color meters are in their element when not only the brightness but also the ...

            • Konica Minolta CS-200

              No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

                konica minolta cs-200 details konica minolta cs-200 luminance and color meter. portable unit used to measure chromaticity. konica minolta (chroma) cs-200 is an instrument that enables highly accur...

              • Konica Minolta CA-310

                No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

                  konica minolta ca-310 details konica minolta ca-310 includes ca-pu32 universal measuring probe. display color analyzer offering high accuracy when measuring led-backlit lcd tvs. the ca-310 has colo...

                • Konica Minolta CA-2500

                  No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

                    konica minolta ca-2500 details konica minolta ca-2500 2d color analyzer this ca-2500 2d color analyzer is used for high-resolution two-dimensional measurements of luminance and chromaticity in dis...