• 1998 Beck Kontra B Gluing press, floor press

    $3,259 - Ebersburg, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    prеssing length: 1500 mm maximum compression depth: 850 mm pressure pneumatic hold-down device via hand wheel adjustable

  • 2003 Unimog 405 / 12 U400 DUO Tulagi TKM700

    $42,230 - Kerkrade, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
    • Mileage: 201,000 km

    very neat unimog / mower unimog u400 405/12 4x4 1st owner bj. 11-12-2003 201.000 km / h +/- 14.000 fronthydraulik achterhydraulik eps with das kopling / automatic clima ahk ring feder structure: du...

  • BECK Kontra E Gluing press

    No price - Höpfingen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    material thickness 15-70 mm gluing floors 4 bar length 2 x 1200 mm clamping depth of max. 1050 mm pressure of up to 10 bar dimensions wxd 2200 x 1400 mm

  • 2013 Beck Maschinenbau Kontra Comet elektrohydraulisch 2-level gluing press GmbH

    $63,292 - Krauchenwies, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    kontra comet 2-level gluing press version el. hydraulic, with pneumatic hold-down bars each level clamping depth max. 1100mm pressing length max. appr. 5300mm width of wood max. 90mm specific press...

  • 2012 Beck Maschinenbau Kontra Star 3-level gluing press GmbH

    No price - Krauchenwies, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Beck

    3-side gluing press electro- hydraulic with pneumatic hold down bar each level working length max. 3000mm clamping depth max. 1300mm woodthickness max. 70mm each level with 6 piece movable vertical...