• 2016 Kreatec KR-WYC-S

    $2,206 - Bialystok, Poland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Kreatec

    silage cutter mini kr-wyc-s silage cutter is used to cut blocks of silage from the silo. available widths from 1.0 to 1.4 m. teeth type redrock, interchangeable. the standard mounting euro and...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-SZ-WW-2XL kippikauha

    $2,437 - Bialystok, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Kreatec

    shovel high unloading kippikauha kr-sz-ww-2xl popular solution for applications where standard lifting height loader / charger is insufficient, for example. loading feeder wagon loading high vehi...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-4W1-HEAVY monitoimikauha

    $2,030 - Bialystok, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Kreatec

    kr-4w1-heavy monitoimikauha shovel multifunctional strengthened. valued for its versatility. equipped with a hinged bottom szczękę.tył and down the reinforced additional plating. robust perform...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-PL-V lumiaura/snöplog/snøplog

    $2,393 - Bialystok, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Snow blades and plows

    plow 5-position vario kr-en-v lumiaura / snöplog / snøplog robust plow type v. the main advantages: -very strong construction triangle linkage -gumowy blade affects the comfort and accuracy sno...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-GRYZ ripper/kelajyrsin/jordfräs/ power harrow

    $2,410 - Bialystok, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Power harrows and rototillers
    • Working Width: 3.94 feet

    rotavator kr-gryz ripper / kelajyrsin / jordfräs / power harrow cultivator available in widths of 1200mm-1500mm. the standard mounting euro. maybe the other findings. all prices are net prices...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-PL-V-HEAVY

    $4,093 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Utility machines

    galvanized, heavy plow vario main advantages: -very strong construction triangle linkage - the ability to adapt to another mount, -gumowy blade standard affects the comfort and precision of snow...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-COMBI-H karhottimet ja pöyhimet

    $2,595 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Rakes and tedders

    kr-combi-h karhottimet yes pöyhimet, tedders and rakes, tedder and rake combo, høyvender / rotors gathered river kreatec przetrząsaczo-zgrabiarka kreatec combi ze skrętem hydraulicznym. urządzeni...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-MDH potkurisekoitin

    $2,767 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Mixer feeders

    kr-mdh potkurisekoitin / gödselomrörare / slurry mixer, double cylinder adjustment / gjødselmiksere kreatec mieszadło agregowane na tuz ciągnika. ramka okrągła lub opcjonalnie kwadratowa. napędzane...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-TM potkurisekoitin

    $3,816 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Mixer feeders

    kr-tm potkurisekoitin / gödselomrötare med runtomsvängand torn / tower mixer / tårnmiksere kreatec mixer tank exposed external portion of a column equipped with two transmissions and agitating the...

  • 2016 Kreatec KR-ROWN-H hydrauliset takalanat

    $2,578 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Sweepers

    kr-rown-h hydrauliset takalanat / grader with hydraulic adjustment / dozer blade with hydraulic blade turning / planeringsskjær with hydraulic swing kreatec wielofunkcyjne urządzenie służące