• 2015 Kreuzmayr Wash&Grinding Unit KWEM 2000

    $11,300 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    washing elevator kwem 2000 with circulating pump and grass/leaves collecting filter with conveyor and mill capacity up to 2000 kg/h mill motor 3,0kw elevator motor 0,37 kw circulating pump 0,3...

  • 2015 Kreuzmayr

    $6,018 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    asetsm-e 400v / 50hz speed ​​1440 u / min weight: 30kg duch capacity: 70-100 kg / h c2ltd

  • 2012 Kreuzmayr

    $5,806 - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    wеiterentwickelte zentrowirbelmahltechnik plc controlled easy handling automatic adjustment for all cereals selbststaendiges cleaning program no clog infinitely adjustable flour ejection slight dus...

  • 2009 Kreuzmayr

    $15,731 - Wallern an der Trattnach, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    pre-installed mobile complete system with impeller pump juice, efficient boilers, waermetauscher and automatic control. consisting of: chassis mounted on 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors 70kw wolf gas ...

  • 2016 Kreuzmayr KML 750

    $145,594 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    the mobile units are used for the processing of fruit juices on site. the fruit is poured from the large box in the tipper waschbehaelter, conveyed to the mill, ground and fed to the belt filter pr...

  • 2014 Kreuzmayr KOP 200

    $6,862 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    after cleaning the oranges oranges can directly press are supplied leads. the oranges are automatically cut and pressed into two halves. after pressing, the juice can be immediately consumed. the p...

  • 2016 Kreuzmayr WP 100

    $4,202 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    for pasteurizing kaltgefuellten bottles or glasses. the filled closed bottles or glasses are placed in the water bath and filled the tub with water. the pasteurisation runs automatically after an a...

  • 2016 Kreuzmayr 1000 Liter

    $22,858 - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    1000 l / h stainless steel frame on 4 adjustable feet minimum / maximum level sensor in the pressure tank edelstahldruckbehaelter the product is pressured by a mehrfachduesenkopf in the tank; produ...

  • 2016 Kreuzmayr KFB 10

    $7,870 - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    machine length 1500mm working width 560mm power up to 2000 kg / h standardausfuehrung: gumming of inlet and outlet chassis with steering and running bikes height-adjustable frame (inlet height from...

  • 2015 Kreuzmayr KRF 6

    $3,589 - Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    6- stеlliger reihenfueller for bottles with case pressure valves are pneumatically held and lowered floor model with storage tank for hot and kaltabfuellung suitable