• 2017 VZ 300 Combination Vigolo / Krummenacher

    $24,847 - Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Vigolo

    circular travel vigolo vz 300 12 gyroscope with taper roller bearing in oil bath teeth 33 cm (110x15x330) slide coupling pneupacker with trailing bar for tractors from 100 to 200 hp krummenacher sa...

  • Haruwy Haruwy Cambridge roll 3.0m, with Krummenacher sowing machine

    $4,972 - A. Leiser AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Haruwy

    3.0m haruwy cambridge roll, with140 lt. krummenacher sowing machine, smooth roll and harrow, electric aare counter, price negotiable, please report directly to the customer: snacht am rigi)

  • 2017 Krummenacher with Vigolo EN 300-Plus Combination

    $22,042 - Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Vigolo

    circular travel vigolo en 300-plus 13 gyroscope with teeth 32cm (90x14x320) pneupacker with trailing bar for tractors from 70 to 140 hp chemical engineering eps 5 tank capacity 410l (275kg wheat) t...

  • 2016 Sonstige Krummenacher

    No price - Europe

      width: 300 | price details: standard rate (8 %)

    • 2015 Krummenacher Mandam cultivator 3 Balkig withsowing machine Top Cultivators with sowing unit New

      $14,717 - Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: Mandam

      the 3 balikige cultivator from mandam has a frame height of 80 cm, the wings have high curved guide plates. the wing can be dismantled with just one screw, the wing can be worked flat and the culti...

    • Krummenacher Pius EPS 5 Köckerling Köckeling Striegel Nachsaatgerät

      No price - Loxstedt, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Köckerling

      köckerling sowing unit manufacturer krummenacher pius model eps5 8 outlets 8 impact plate hose package drive via articulated shaft dreipunkaufbau as pre-attachment three-point mounting for ...

    • 2014 CARRE ROTANET Roll chop

      $9,819 - Altishofen, Switzerland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Carré

      rollacke rotanet 3.00 m with sowing unit krummenacher, little used

    • 2015 Bärtschi-Fobro Ecosystem 4 Strip milling machine, Ecosem 4

      $24,046 - Hofstetter Ackerbauservice, Switzerland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Bärtschi-Fobro

      top condition, from service with new transmission, 4-row, knife reinforcements hitch (self-built very short and compact), rapssägerät (self-made lemken / krummenacher), maissämaschine (kuhn maxima ...

    • 2015 Tulip Roterrra 300/35, Krummenacher EPS 5 Roterra

      $28,554 - Wittnau, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: Tulip

      rotary harrow tulip with built-up krummenacher seeder, new rotary harrow drip pan with side attachment, easylock system three-point tower with stable, square side struts main gearbox suitable for 5...

    • Kerner Crocodile sow combination

      No price - Fenkrieden, Switzerland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Kerner

      kerner seed drill 3m. with breviglieri rotary harrow with 12 rotors, kerner packer for top back-hardening, 24 disc coulters with tramline switch, sowing technology krummenacher with gps electronics...