• LabTech Inc M8 Automated Nitrogen Concentrator

    $9,800 - Hopkinton, MA, USA
    • Manufacturer: LabTech Inc

    the m8 automated concentration evaporator system from labtech is a microprocessor-controlled concentrator that provides unattended, rapid sample ...

  • LabTech MV5 Automated Parallel Concentrator Nitrogen - processes up to 54 Samples***

    $12,000 - Hopkinton, MA, USA
    • Manufacturer: LabTech

    mv5 is an automatic multi-channel and multi-functional parallel concentration instrument designed by labtech. sample concentration is heated through w ...


    $6,850 - Houston, TX, USA
    • Manufacturer: Omega

    tr> ab unit powers up and works . sold as shown in pictures below, only includes what is shown, does not include computer or ...

  • TTP Labtech Compound Modular Sample Storage Freezer

    $4,750 - Ventura, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: TTP

    ttp labtech compound modular sample storage freezer w/ computer controls automated high speed laboratory sample storage freezer power rating: 208 volt ac, 15 amp, 60 hz

  • NEW H150-1000 Recirculating Water Chiller

    No price - Arcade, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: LabTech

    includes: h150-1000 recirculating water chiller (new) power cord 1 (one) year warranty new h150-1000 recirculating water chiller performance, durability & safety: these smart recirculating water ch...

  • BMG Nephelostar Galaxy

    $8,999 - United States
    • Manufacturer: BMG

    bmg labtech nephelostar galaxy laser based microplate reader (1) nephelostar microplate nephelometer includes all software, manuals and connections excellent condition price: $8,998 purchase new ov...