• Thickener, Lamella, LGST Series 55, Tank, Inclined Plates

    No price - Chowchilla, CA

      lamella thickener/gravity settler, appears to be lgst series 55. unit consists of (13) stainless steel plates, measuring 98" long x 72" wide. complete with flocculation tank with 30" x 20" paddle a...

    • Used- Lamella Thickener/Gravity Settler. Appears to be LGST model 125/55

      No price - Bensenville, IL
      • Manufacturer: Lamella

      11252065 used- lamella thickener/gravity settler. appears to be lgst model 125/55. unit consists of (13) stainless steel plates, measuring 98” long x 72” wide. complete with flocculation tank with ...

    • Lamella Inclined Plate Clarifier with mix tank / flocculent/flash tank

      No price - New Jersey, USA
      • Manufacturer: LAMELLA

      used lamella inclined plate clarifier with mix tank / flocculent/flash tank. (30) 4' x 4' plates. 3" inlet, 3" outlet, 4" clean liquid outlet. overall shipping dimensions 10' l x 8'8" h. floc tank/...

    • Used- Parkson Lamella Gravity Settler, Model 570/55, Carbon Steel. Approximate 570 square foot filter area

      No price - Bensenville, IL
      • Manufacturer: Parkson

      48142002 used- parkson lamella gravity settler, model 570/55, carbon steel. approximate 570 square foot filter area. approximate 228 gallons per minute. stainless steel plates with 55 degree plate ...

    • Used- Parkson Series 55 Light Solids Lamella Gravity Settler, Model 570, Carbon Steel

      No price - Bensenville, IL
      • Manufacturer: Parkson

      47803001 used- parkson series 55 light solids lamella gravity settler, model 570, carbon steel. approximate flow rate of 228 gallons per minute. housing approximate 6 wide x 14 long x 14 tall. incl...

    • Parkson 240/45 with 240 square feet of settling area Thickener, Lamella, 240 SF, 45 Deg, C/st, 160 GPM

      No price - Hanford, CA
      • Manufacturer: Parkson

      thickener/gravity settler, lamella, model 240/45 with 240 square feet of settling area, agitated flocculant tank, and 45 degree angled thickening plates. it measures 6' across x 13' high. flow rate...

    • Resaw STENNER to veneers and lamella

      $20,160 - Belchatow, Poland Recently Added

        resaw stenner to veneers and lamella resaw company stenner to cut veneers, fins and other wooden items. it has a mechanism for programming the thickness of the cut pieces.


        No price - Stuttgart, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Weinig

        slats planer without own feedrate drive-through speed max. 200 m / min. planing wave number 4 piece vertical planing shafts floating ritz-sawing down 2 pieces planing width max. 295 mm planing heig...

      • 38 sq Filter, Sand, Parkson, 7' X 14', FRP, Dynasand

        No price - Brisbane, CA

          sand filter, parkson "dynasand," model 38 sq. ft., fiberglass construction, tank measures 7' diameter x 14' straight side, complete with upper & lower sand distribution cones, 8" diameter side bott...

        • 2009 PAUL Mehrblattsaege K34 & C14 MKL Kappanlage lamella production line

          No price - Styria, Austria
          • Manufacturer: PAUL

          lamella production line paul mehrblattsaege k34 & c14 mkl kappanlage used machine rip system used in the production of top layer components of finished parquetry composed of a k34gv/ 800 multi rip ...