• Laski F450E-27

    No price - Altenberge, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Laski

    baujahr. 2011, 27 ps, handgeführte baumstumpffräse, gesamtgewicht 230 kg. bei weiteren fragen kontaktieren sie herrn brüning 0173-5352316

  • 2015 Laski TR-60 HC Digging machine

    $12,385 - Steck AG Bigenthal, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kohler

    the powerful and agile digging machine. the drive of the machine is steplessly controlled by lever. the trench chain is equipped with tungsten carbide teeth. the excavation is transported by a conv...

  • 2016 Laski Predator P38R High performance tree dumping machine

    $39,046 - Steck AG Bigenthal, Switzerland

      ultracompact, high-performance tree cutting machine with gasoline engine drive on variable-width rubber boots. with a minimum throughput width of only 67 cm. the swivel range is 115 cm with a max. ...

    • Laski

      $5,642 - Münster, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Laski

      laski tree trunk milling hand-held tree trunking with 18ps kohler industrial motor ohv 2 cylinders, 18 milling teeth, without drive (optional with drive) with this machine, you can easily mill an...

    • Laski Baumstumpenfräse

      No price - Münster, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Laski

      used machine tree stump milling hand with 25ps coal engine and drive. completely inspected in fachwerkstatt and the following spare parts are renewed as follows: milling teeth new, oil filter, ...

    • 2016 Laski Stock milling, rootstock milling, stump milling

      No price - Wildtech GmbH, Switzerland

        laski stump milling machines hand-held self-propelled tractor cultivation -bagger cultivation

      • Laski BSTF 18/450 AE Stump cutters

        $2,079 - Langwedel, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Laski

        built around the middle of 1990 the year 4-stroke petrol engine kohler command 450mm diameter cutters keyway milling depth: below the erdkante about 200 mm, in the horizontal position of the machin...