• 2016 Lastväxlarflak Skrotkalle Lasväxlarflak 2016

    $6,128 - Eda, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Lastväxlarflak

    country: sweden | division: trucks and trailers | transport weight: 44,092 lbs | production country: estonia | transport dimensions (lxwxh): 6.00x2.55x0 m

  • 2016 lastväxlarflak Maskinflak 22ton med ramper 45000:-

    $4,984 - Sweden
    • Manufacturer: lastväxlarflak

    new 22-ton machine platform with loose ramps, lockers in the front wall. hearty stakhål and 14st struts. lockable lockers frame 220mm in the u, s 355 length inside 6,50m breddd 2,55m price 45...

  • 2012 Närko Flak-Lastväxlare-Bodvagn D3yp52g91

    No price - Skara, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Närko

    10st laxo sockets in each kantlina.6 + 6 in the middle of the carriage abundant equipped with stolphål.även for continerdubbar socket for lastväxlarflak last axle liftable snowflake height 1045...

  • 1998 Briab Kilafors glidervagn 4-axl 150.000:-+m

    $17,014 - Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Briab

    lastväxlarvagn, glider with retractable 4th axis, p-light, large material box / tool box, many new tires, parabelfjädrad and drum brakes. retractable lågbygd drawbar via air clock, led lights, abs...