• Weight: 10,000 lbs

      equipped with: auto hob shift tailstock w/center hob arbor auto part feeder magnetic chip separator power lube motor and control complete enclosure speed and feed gears electrical diagram specifications: max. ...

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      Warren, MI, USA
    • Lees Brandner 7 - HD

      • Manufacturer: Lees Brandner

        make : lees brandner model : 7 -hd specification

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        Ghaziabad, India
      • LEES BRADNER 7HD-4

        • Manufacturer: LEES BRADNER

          - maximum diameter of workpiece: 200 mm approx. - distance between centers: 1200 mm approx. - module: 6 irhkbrvdw - weight of equipment: 14 tons approx. - installed capacity: 50 hp four workstations

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        • 2011 John Deere XUV 825i

          • Manufacturer: John Deere
          • Model: XUV 825I

            jd 825i gator, green & yellow, no power steering, steel rims with extreme terrain tires, bench seat, deluxe cargo box, power lift cargo box, premium cab frame with glass windshield, wiper & rear window, heavy dut...

            Moscow Mills, MO, USA
          • 2011 OM XE15/3

            • Manufacturer: OM

              accessories: without forks, integrated lateral transmission, two door works, flashing, hydraulic distributor 3 lees;

              Prato, Italy
            • Mori Pompe péristaltique débit de 10 à 100 HL/heure Fermenting cellar equipment

              • Manufacturer: Mori

                peristaltic pump brand: mori model: as 100 new material technical characteristics: suitable for light and gentle transport of whole grapes, de-stemmed, marc, bourbes, lees and charged liquids. pumping with the on...

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              • 2012 STILL RX60-25

                • Manufacturer: STILL
                • Model: RX60-25

                  accessories: integrated lateral shifting; hydraulic distributor 3 lees;

                  Prato, Italy
                • STS200

                      f.a. maker now sells new sts centrifuges for the wine and beer industries, a wide range of different size machines are available. 3 phase separators for multipurpose applications will be available upon request. c...

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                      Melbourne, Australia
                    • WESTFALIA GSC 150-06-177

                      • Manufacturer: Westfalia

                        gsc 150-06-777, complete, with: flow rates white wine ex 1st ferment 25-40m3/hr red wine ex 1st ferment 17-25m3/hr green beer clarification 45-60m3/hr hot wort separation 30-40m3/hr lees / tank bottom 3-5m3/hr 20...

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                        Melbourne, Australia
                      • 2010 STILL RX20-16P

                        • Manufacturer: STILL
                        • Model: RX20-16P

                          accessories: applied transmitter, roof in lexan, working lights ant. double, internal cabin light, interior roof interior, flashing subtitle; forche mm. 1200; distributor 3 lees;

                          Prato, Italy