leister shrink tunnel, 250 mm wide x 250 mm high tunnel, fitted with two leister heaters, adjustable temperature control, 230 volt, 16 amp, 3,700 w, 550 l/min, 2 mbar. this tunnel is to mount over a conveyor.over...

        No price
        Cranleigh, United Kingdom
      • 2015 LEISTER VULCAN SYSTEM - 3 × 400 V / 11 kW

        • Manufacturer: LEISTER

          voltage v~ 3 × 400 power w 11000 heating power steplessly adjustable with potentiometer • standard control interface through a 4 - 20 ma or a 0 - 10 v signal • integrated power electronics • protection against he...

          $1,880 (USD)
          North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
        • IMA IMA C960

          • Manufacturer: IMA

            1-used ima/comadis model c960 hot air plastic automatic tube filling and sealing machine. rated up to 60 tubes per minute (3600 tubes per hour), machine has parts for 35mm, 40mm and 50mm diameter tubes. with leis...

            No price
            Bohemia, NY, USA
          • Refurbished IWKA plastic tube filler model TFS-20 with tube feeder TZ101

            • Manufacturer: IWKA

              refurbished iwka plastic tube filler, model tfs-20, serial # 52370, with automatic iwka tube feeder model tz101. filler refurbished in 2014 (new allen bradley controls) last running 150ml tube with 2in diameter, ...

              No price
              Montreal, Canada
            • Cam Shrink Bundler ABS38-2 5E9775

              • Manufacturer: CAM

                automatic, inline, stretch, shrink bundler capable of speeds from 10 to 35 cycles per minute (depending on application). package size range of: (15mm – 360mm l) x 12mm – 70mm w) x (50 – 250mm d), and a bundle siz...

                No price
                Carol Stream, IL, USA
              • Used- Unipac Model 240 Dual Head Plastic Tube Filler. Machine is capable of filling a maximum of 200 tubes per minute

                • Manufacturer: Mettler-Toledo

                  71566010 used- unipac model 240 dual head plastic tube filler. machine is capable of filling a maximum of 200 tubes per minute. tube dimensions of 2.75"-9.8" long x 0.5"-1.97" wide tubes. maximum fill range of a...

                  No price
                  Bensenville, IL, USA
                • 1992 Norden Hot Air Semi Automatic Tube Filler

                      norden 400 ha semi automatic tube filling and sealing machine. speed of fill up to 40 tubes per minute depending on tube size, product and quality of tube. filling volume 10ml to 300ml. tube size range: length 50...

                      No price
                      Flint, United Kingdom
                    • Norden Tube Filler

                          nordenmatic hot air automatic tube filling and sealing machine suitable for plastic and laminate tubes. tube filling speed rated up to 70 units per minute, depending on product and tube size. manual tube infeed s...

                          No price
                          Flint, United Kingdom
                        • HOTWIND Drying channel model 1 , belt 30cm, passage 9cm #03A416

                              hotwind drying channel model 1 , belt 30cm, passage 9cm belt width 30cm, total length: 200cm, insulated drying cover: 150cm long, passage height: approx. 9cm, with transport belt made of teflon c...

                              $3,916 (USD)
                              Bünde, Germany
                            • 2013 LAGUNA BANDIT 2/3 TF HOT AIR EDGEBANDER [EU-281073]

                              • Manufacturer: Bandit

                                laguna bandit 2/3 tf hot air edgebander0.4 - 1.5 mm edge thickness cap. w/automatic cutoff up to 0.8 mm (1/32") only; for pre-glued edgebanding, automatic coil feed magazine, manual single feed for strips, min. p...

                                $13,750 (USD)
                                United States

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