• LogiMetrics A650/C

    $15,995 - United States
    • Manufacturer: LogiMetrics

    logimetrics a650/c twt amplifier, 4.0 to 8.0 ghz, 400/500 w, 35 db min. in stock

  • Logimetrics A600EH-995

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      logimetrics a600eh-995 details logimetrics a600eh-995the logimetrics a600 series of twt amplifiers cover the 1 to 18 ghz frequency range (depends on specific model). the series have a wide var...

    • Logimetrics 920S101

      No price - Lake Mary, FL
      • Manufacturer: Logimetrics

      logimetrics 920s101 details logimetrics 920s101the 920s101 signal generator covers the frequency range 11mhz to 80mhz (three ranges); internal or external modulation: internal 1 khz modulation...

    • Logimetrics A100S

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        logimetrics a100s details logimetrics a100sthe a100s twt amplifier operates in the s band with a minimum power output of 0.75 to 2 watts and a minimum saturated gain of 30 to 35 db

      • Logimetrics A610P

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          logimetrics a610p details logimetrics a610ptwt amplifier .5 to 1ghz 250-300 watts

        • Logimetrics A600X

          No price - Lake Mary, FL

            logimetrics a600x details logimetrics a600xtwt amplifier. 8 to 12ghz 250-300 watts