• Logosol small sawmill, Band

    No price - Roitham, Austria

      detailed info: logosol small sawmill, block saw, cut length about 5m, bj about 2003, 5 kw

    • 2000 LOGOSOL KS150 CIRCULAR RESAW [RB-010043]

      $6,500 - United States
      • Manufacturer: LOGOSOL

      re-saw. swedish made. excellent machine for start-up business. great for re-sawing 2x2 2x4 2x6 or 4x4 6x6 wood. soft or hardwoods.comes with 8'l in-feed table and 2' off bearing ledge. all electric...

    • 2017 Kellfri Minisagverk 21-SV500

      $3,228 - Kirkenær, Norway
      • Manufacturer: Kellfri

      process your own forest or offer sawmill services smooth band saw with leather sections that can easily be built on desired timber length, with forcing for retaining the wood. water-cooled long-...