• 2009 Lüond Swiss Profi 20 m3 Lüönd

    • Manufacturer: Lüond

      very good condition, hydr. tandem pic-up wheels, wide pic-up

      $25,998 (USD)
      Schangnau, Switzerland
    • 2014 Lüond Swiss-Leader 18m3 Lüönd Hecklader

      • Manufacturer: Lüond

        lüönd rear loader swiss-leader 18 m3, pick-up 1.68m, total build-up width 2.28m, controlled 5-row pick-up, return flow barrier (driving silo), max. 13 knife interfaces, 4 divided conveyor swings, maintenance-free...

        $28,963 (USD)
        Unteriberg, Switzerland
      • 1998 Lüond Galant 14 GK Lüönd loading wagons

        • Manufacturer: Lüond

          charging wagon from revision suitable for aebi transporters

          $7,241 (USD)
          Lenk im Simmenthal, Switzerland
        • 2015 Lüond Swiss Profi 21 m3 Lüönd Charger Jg

          • Manufacturer: Lüond

            suitable for long wheelbase. incl. 10 pcs. knife and support rests maintained condition

            $31,589 (USD)
            Altendorf, Switzerland
          • 2016 Lüond Swiss professional S 21m3 Lüönd rear loader

            • Manufacturer: Lüond

              - neuwertiges liudd charger ld 21 swp s, was used only on field test. - the s-series was specially built for driving silo operation. - has proven lüönd unloading system, - fits all transporters with wheelbase 3.0...

              $38,787 (USD)
              Unteriberg, Switzerland
            • 1989 Lüönd Favorit 19 m3

              • Manufacturer: Lüönd

                charger with cutting unit 19m3 fits to ac3000,19 m3, revidier

                $8,799 (USD)
                Chur, Switzerland
              • Lüönd Lüond

                • Manufacturer: VAT

                  description construction lorry lüond for transporters with short wheelbase. incl. brackets, lighting, 2 knives, hydraulic scraper floor, mechanical rear door opening, superstructure for carron, conversion for ...

                  $2,761 (USD)
                • 1991 Schiltrac 632, 60PS (Thomas Schilter) with Lüönd

                  • Manufacturer: Thomas

                    good condition, mwm engine 60 hp, hydr. steering, transmission 8v + 8r, hydraulic connections, dr rear, against surcharge with lüönd charger

                    $19,394 (USD)
                    Schangnau, Switzerland
                  • 2004 Lüond Swiss Profi 24 m3 Lüönd Charger 21 Jg 04 Top Condition

                    • Manufacturer: Lüond

                      lüönd charger type swissprofi swp 21 m3 with hydraulic gate opening and polygonal insert for max 20 knives ca 12 knife available fits aebi transporter with long wheelbase (also on other transporter rapid, lindner...

                      $23,587 (USD)
                      Grabs, Switzerland
                    • 1994 Lüond MU14FS Charger Lüönd Favorit S Revised with new pick-up 5-row

                      • Manufacturer: Lüond

                        revised with new pick-up 5-row about reformmuli wheelbase 2.72 m very good condition

                        No price
                        Glarus, Switzerland

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