• maansiirtokärry

    No price - Haapajärvi, Finland Recently Added

      9 m3 on the stage of volvo's hub stern tävä where all ready .nouseva bogie .housukippi. tires ok frame really good (apparently the beginning of the 88 niilo) pointed direction of the converter box ...

    • Tractor maansiirtokärry

      No price - Pyhäjärvi, Finland Recently Added

        scania axle and runko.500 / 60-22,5 16pr kaivinkonerenkaat.housukippi.jarruja brake is not mandatory tested van volume of about 7m3


        $8,579 - Finland Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Volvo

        country: finland | division: farm equipment | attachments: well done, heavy truck. pulls, sits and jams.

      • 2017 ERT Maansiirtokärry 18tn

        $14,952 - Somero, Finland
        • Manufacturer: ERT

        täyshardoxlava hardox 450, backward widening 5,5x2,55x0,8 frame: rhs 250x150x8pyörän poles 100 mm, 10-bolt , brakes on the front axle, the optional 4-wheel brakes, aisajousi rubber, an optional hyd...

      • 2017 ERT Maansiirtokärry 18tn

        $13,777 - Somero, Finland
        • Manufacturer: ERT

        maansiirtokärry the bottom hardox the base 6mm, 4mm sides rocking deadweight 18 tn dimensions 0,8x5,5x2,55m the frame 250x150x8 tyres 600 / 50x22,5 hydraulic rear board hydraulic brakes on the fron...

      • Maansiirtokärry 16TN jumbo

        $12,816 - Somero, Finland
        • Manufacturer: Jumbo

        maansiirtokärry 16tn jumbo note: the 10-bolt pole and hardox base! the bottom sides 6mm 4mm rocking deadweight 16 tn dimensions 0,7x5,5x2,5m 22,5x600 tires / 50 hydraulic rear board hydraulic brake...

      • Palms 1300 MAANSIIRTOKÄRRY

        $9,185 - Finland
        • Manufacturer: Palms

        country: finland | division: farm equipment | attachments: korokekasetti

      • 2017 ERT maansiirtokärry 16 t

        $11,214 - Somero, Finland
        • Manufacturer: ERT

        5,5x2,55x0,6 lava, 5/4 tires: 550 / 45x22,5, or optional pole 90 mm, 8 - bolt dumper: nat 7 brakes on the front axle lisälaidat 0.7 m € 850 the marginal tax, trade between the eu countries, the com...

      • Maansiirtokärry omavalmiste

        $6,239 - Finland
        • Manufacturer: Maansiirtokärry

        a neatly crafted earthenware cart. the stew was full and 10tn dick. water volume 7.1 cubic meters. the bottom and sides are plywood. this is an interesting cart for earthmoving!


        $4,765 - Finland
        • Manufacturer: Stone

        country: finland | division: farm equipment | attachments: 6m stone with hydraulic headboard, with a front lip. comfortable low loading height. plate beam frame 100x150mm, shaft 100x200mm with r...