• Maansiirtokärry VOLVO

    • Manufacturer: Volvo

      accessories: well done,

      Ilmajoki, Finland
    • Maansiirtokärry omavalmiste

          neatly done omavalmisteinen maansiirtokärry. tuhtin bogie and 10 tons dumper. water volume 7.1 cubic meters. the bottom and sides are veneer

          Lahti, Finland
        • [Maansiirtokärry Scanian alusta

          • Manufacturer: [Maansiirtokärry

            country: finland

            Huittinen, Finland
          • Maansiirtokärry 11m3

            • Manufacturer: Stone

              accessories: 6m stone platform with a hydraulic tailgate, | max. load capacity: 11000000 cm3

              Ilmajoki, Finland
            • 2017 Pronar Maansiirtokärry

              • Manufacturer: Pronar

                line's most robust maansiirtokärry. image trolley 710mm tires. be upgraded mm. a positive up the back side, a variety of axle and brake options, ohjautva rear axle, halfpipe lava and others. request a quote! stan...

                Virrat, Finland
              • 2017 ERT Maansiirtokärry 18tn

                • Manufacturer: ERT

                  täyshardoxlava hardox 450, backward widening 5,5x2,55x0,8 frame: rhs 250x150x8pyörän terminals 100 mm, 10 bolt , brakes on the front axle, the optional 4-wheel brakes, aisajousi rubber, with optional hydraulic ai...

                  Somero, Finland
                • 2017 ERT Maansiirtokärry 18tn

                  • Manufacturer: ERT

                    maansiirtokärry the bottom hardox the base 6mm, 4mm sides rocking deadweight 18 tn dimensions 0,8x5,5x2,55m the frame 250x150x8 tires 600 / 50x22,5 hydraulic rear board hydraulic brakes on the front axle. tipping...

                    Somero, Finland
                  • Maansiirtokärry 16TN jumbo

                    • Manufacturer: Jumbo

                      maansiirtokärry 16tn jumbo note: the 10-bolt pole and hardox base! the bottom sides 6mm 4mm rocking deadweight 16 tn dimensions 0,7x5,5x2,5m tires 22,5x600 / 50 hydraulic rear board hydraulic brakes on the front ...

                      Somero, Finland
                    • 2017 ERT maansiirtokärry 16 hrs

                      • Manufacturer: ERT

                        5,5x2,55x0,6 lift, 5/4 tires: 550 / 45x22,5, or optional pole 90 mm, 8 - bolt dumper nat 7 brakes on the front axle lisälaidat 0.7 m € 850 margin with tax, trade between the european community countries vat 0%

                        Somero, Finland
                      • 2005 Self Made Sisu

                        • Manufacturer: Sisu

                          proper maansiirtokärry sisu sturdy surface. lava 11 cc with a hydraulic tailgate. hydraulic brake and the like. standard equipment. transport arranged ...

                          Halsua, Finland