• Market Forge STM-EL

    $9,499 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Market Forge

    includes manual as pictured. 202-8795-bsiinv item id: 2028795 | warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

  • MARKET FORGE Sterilmatic

    No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: MARKET FORGE

    1-used market forge/sterilmatic model  stm-el autoclave/sterilizer, s/n 1285.  this single phase sterilizer is equipped with temperature control, timer and both pressure and temperature gauges.  el...


    No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: MARKET FORGE

    No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: MARKET FORGE

    1-used market forge company model mfgb-60 gallon stainless steel kettle, s/n 910121. kettle measures approx. 30" diameter x 24" deep. kettle has hinged lid and tangential discharge outlet.


    No price - Bohemia, NY
    • Manufacturer: MARKET FORGE

    1-used market forge/sterilmatic tabletop autoclave model stm-el, national board number 43427, code stamped.   electrical specifications:  single phase, 60 cycle, 120-208-240 volt.  equipped with ti...

  • Market gardening : Brosseuse KMK

    No price - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: Brosseuse KMK

    brushing - kmk brand - with speed control - 10 brushes and rollers 2 - 0,7kw - maximum capacity: 2.5t / h dimensions: 1m75 x 0m75 x 0m95 - length brush: 55cm photos, information, additional documen...

  • Market gardening : Cultirateau Fedele

    $6,470 - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: Cultirateau Fedele

    cultirateau - heavy model with accessories - very good condition model 170 - year 2005 - working width: 1.70m 1.60m other model simon

  • Market gardening : Sarcleuse

    $4,015 - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: Sarcleuse

    hoe hoe on row - to rotating members with guidance by the operator has optimal ergonomics, a rotor shoe support, compensation springs, a double articulation - thus avoiding any additional fatigue p...

  • Market gardening : SEMOIR PLANET

    No price - Fontenay-le-Vicomte, France
    • Manufacturer: SEMOIR PLANET

    multi-row on demand all vegetables contact condition info: not indicated

  • 2014 Market Auger Fill

    $1,387 - Mount Forest, Canada Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Market

    12ft x8in auger fill