• 2014 McMillen X5075

    $2,750 - Wichita, KS, USA
    • Manufacturer: McMillen

    planetary gear reduction 85 rpm's with 40 gpm output torque maximum 5,096 lb-ft. maximum 3,500 psi. 48" maximum auger diameter 2" hex output shaft only

  • DRILL - Arida '15

    $5,399 - Lidoriki, Greece

      planetary drills mcmillen x1975 the price model x1975 h mcmillen has a wide variety of screw diameters, lengths and styles for every application. see pdf for screws and modeling options. each drill...

    • 2005 Bohrkopf 45-BKF510 für McMillen Erdbohrer

      $800 - Mainz, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Sonstige

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