• ELGA Medica R7 DI WATER

    $5,999 - Sun City Center, FL Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: ELGA

    this system is used, but lightly, and has been kept in suitable conditions for its use. it is fully functional with no faulty pieces since the last ti ... read more

  • Western Medica M1-940-PG

    No price - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Western

    the western medica m1-940-pg is a regulator optimal for medical applications. it has a max inlet pressure of 3000 psig, a delivery pressure range from 0 to 50 psig and cga 940 yoke inlet connection...

  • Elga Medica-R 30 Lab Water Purifier Purification Unit

    $5,737 - Dickinson, TX
    • Manufacturer: International

    welcome to labb surplus!!! we carry all types of hi - tech, medical and laboratory surplus at bargain prices. our business is one of the la ... read more

  • 1999 Medica - Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Production Line

    $770,000 - Liaoning, China
    • Manufacturer: Medica

    products:the line can produces 11 kinds of specifications products intercepted molecular number is:1000,3000,5000,10000,30000,100000,1000000. the fibre internal diameter is: 0.5mm and 1.0mm. all th...