• 2017 Metalfach N272/2

    • Manufacturer: Metalfach

      metalfach n272 / 2 manure spreader payload 14000kg hydraulic rear flap protective front grid vertical second-motor adapter is tilted forward hydraulically opened adapter cover lighting fender hydraulicall...

      Imbringen, Luxembourg
    • Agro-Factory GROM 6.3 m

      • Manufacturer: Agro-Factory
      • Working Width: 19.7 feet

      127 pcs 530mm cambridge type rings weight - 3135 kg. optimum tractor power - 95-130 hp if you did not find the technique you are looking for in our advertisements, we invite you to contact us for information ...

      Vilnius, Lithuania
    • KOJA POZ-394

      • Manufacturer: KOJA

        there is an option to add 4 hulls adjustable wagon width from 30 to 50 cm. lingual support weight - 650 kg. the distance between the housings is 94 cm working depth - 30 cm recommended tractor power: 60-90 ...

        Vilnius, Lithuania
      • Talex OptiCut 280

        • Manufacturer: Talex

          -7 disks have 2 knives (quick knife change); - weight: 540kg; -minimum power: 60 hp; -power: 3h / h; -current speed: 540r / min; other lawn mower widths are also available: 2.10 m, 2.50 m and 3.20 m. with u...

          Vilnius, Lithuania
        • Pronar Z245

          • Manufacturer: Pronar

            the z245 wagon for hydraulic control is unusually easy to use. side loading without stopping allows acceleration of the work process. possible to put or put rolls depending on the type of assembly. automatic w...

            Vilnius, Lithuania
          • KOJA POR 4/94

            • Manufacturer: KOJA

              with lingual protection. the plume is equipped with a copper system, allowing for a single turn to change the width of the thief from 30 to 50 cm. the first hull distance from the center is also fitted. rear w...

              Vilnius, Lithuania
            • Inter-Tech IT1600

              • Manufacturer: Inter-Tech

                if you did not find the technique you are looking for in our advertisements, we invite you to contact us for information and ordering! with talex, pronar, metalfach, metaltechnik, koja, agromasz and rol / ex pro...

                Vilnius, Lithuania
              • 2017 AGRO-FACTORY GROM 6.3 m, soil preparation / cultivation machiner field roller

                    features / equipment: hydraulic folding,trailing,warranty 3 cilindr7 127 vnt. 530mm cambridge tipo žiedai svoris - 3135 kg optimalus traktoriaus galingumas - 95-130 ag jeigu mūsų skelbimuose neradote ieškomos tec...

                    Medininkai, Lithuania
                  • Metal-Fach Z562

                    • Manufacturer: Metal-fach

                      dimensions: 3730 x 2470 weight 2200kg cam rollers 16 press capacity: 20 rolls / hour central lubrication of the chain apviniojimo network mechanism the production of "metal-fach" z562 press for the first ti...

                      Vilnius, Lithuania
                    • 2016 KOJA POZ-394, soil preparation / cultivation machinery plough

                          su gamintojo garantija. atliekame garantinį ir pogarantinį remontą yra galimybė pridėti 4 korpusą reguliuojamas vagos plotis nuo 30 iki 50 cm linginis palaikymas svoris - 650 kg atstumas tarp korpusų - 94 cm darb...

                          Medininkai, Lithuania