• Lab Methods Corp. Movie Film Washer or Dryer - As Is (LMC-ALC-2)

    $1,000 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: LMC

    lab methods corp. movie film washer or dryer - as is (lmc-alc-2) missing 21 pin cable likely to be the power cable. connector shown in photo number 19. unable to test. there are 8 shafts with 24 r...

  • BioTek Synergy H1 Hybrid Reader

    $17,995 - Frederick, MD
    • Manufacturer: Hybrid

    shaking: linear, orbital, double orbital | division: lab equipment | read methods: endpoint, kinetic, spectral scanning, well area scanning | microplate types: 6- to 384-well plates

  • Working center SCM Method corner K

    $11,085 - Emilia-Romagna, Italy Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: SCM

    side tenoning: - trucks, self tenoning with tilting fence - clamping piece with duck (or two parts per cycle) - max working length (with reference to joke) mm.2800 - height min max piece mm.30-140 ...

  • Scm METHOD

    No price - Terontola, Italy
    • Manufacturer: SCM

    joinery machining system tipology: 0

  • Molecular Dynamics GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner

    $7,295 - Frederick, MD
    • Manufacturer: Molecular Dynamics

    optics: non-confocal | division: lab equipment | scan area: adjustable, 22 x 71.5 mm max. | scan time: 6.5 minutes for both channels, 10 µm resolution, full scan area | excitation: 532 nm and 635 ...

  • Used- Universal Pack Model Alpha M6B Stickpack Machine. Machine is a 6 up unit set up for granular and free flowing powders using the "Volumetric Oscillating Cup Doser" type filler for free flow powder method

    No price - Bensenville, IL
    • Manufacturer: Alpha

    71290001 used- universal pack model alpha m6b stickpack machine. machine is a 6 up unit set up for granular and free flowing powders using the "volumetric oscillating cup doser" type filler for fre...


    No price - Perth, Australia
    • Manufacturer: METHODS ELECTRICAL

    methods electrical welding rod drying oven 240 volt .

  • 2012 AMADA FOM2-4222NT 6000 WATT, 7' X 13 1/2" : INSTALL:2013 APPROX.5, 000HRS

    No price - New York, NY
    • Manufacturer: Amada

    technical specifications travel method: stationary table, x, y and z-axis movement for cutting head control method: x, y and z simultaneous 3 axis control drive motors: fanuc ac servo motors maximu...

  • 2007 MITSUBISHI 3015LVP(PLUSII) 4000 WATT, 5' X 10'

    No price - New York, NY
    • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
    • Capacity: 2.0 GB
    • Weight: 26,325 lbs.

    machine structure: precision rack and pinion, direct drive travel drive method: x,y, z simultaneous 3 axes control method: x,y, z simultaneous 3 axis control x-axis stoke: 122.05" y-axis stroke: 61...

  • 2005 MAZAK HYPERGEAR 510 4000 WATT

    No price - New York, NY
    • Manufacturer: Mazak

    type: hybrid linear motors x-axis: table motion y-axis: laser beam motion max. cutting size: 60.04 x 120.08" work table height: 35.43" from floor level axis stroke(effective stroke) x axis: 120.87"...