• 2009 MHG Strahlanlagen GmbH SMG160/1-D/1-255/100-1703/2,2-Dt/Bbli+re

    No price - Brandenburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MHG Strahlanlagen GmbH

    cabin with a working height adjustment with rotary table 1.000 kg and ausfahrtisch, pressure jet boilers 100 l test pressure 17.2 bar, ruechgewinnungssystem rgws 255 495,entzstauber 1703,2.2 kw, 1,...

  • MHG SMG 25 A3122175

    No price - Essen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: SMG

    sand blasting cabin with special suction system from the release of behindertenwerkstattdie blasting cabin is adjustable by an electric motor in height to ergonomic working to ermoeglichen.herstell...

  • MOTOKUBO MHG-B b2a-004

    No price - Taoyuan City, Taiwan
    • Manufacturer: MOTOKUBO