• American Lewa Lab M8 Microflow-Metering Pump

    • Manufacturer: American

      the american lewa lab m8 microflow-metering pump is an electronically controlled diaphragm metering pump for the laboratory.  specifications: - metering flow: 0 to 1800 q (ml/h) - dimensions (h x w x d): 272 x 14...

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      East Lyme, CT, USA
    • 2001 NUNC Microflow

      • Manufacturer: NUNC

        class ii safety workbench made of stainless steel age of the filter is not known 7iwt08fse - overall dimensions: bxth 1340x730x1370 mm - weight: approx 180 kg

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        Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
      • Nunc Microflow 20177

        • Manufacturer: Nunc

          nunc safety bench/laminarflow microflow abs 1200 a. 1400 w. 230 v. 50 hz. media: gas, vacuum, 1x power. 2x gilson pipette holder in the workroom, stainless steel interior. drip pan. work area is not segmented. ex...

          Burladingen, Germany
        • MICROFLOW ASTEC Special machine #70056

          • Manufacturer: Astec

            description special machine brand microflow model astec

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            La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
          • PALL Filter MicroFlow V XL 6-A Other filters #16-00288L

            • Manufacturer: Pall

              type: micro flow year of construction: 2011 factory-no. s1006629 working pressure: 4 bar operating temperature: 30°c number of modules: 6 electrical code: u   3 x 400 v f    50 hz p   22 kw container volume: stor...

              Karlstadt, Germany
            • 1997 330/125 HL + robot

              • Manufacturer: Engel

                angel 330/125 hl + angel robotr systems bj1997 125 to schieskraft kernzueg hydr 2 specialist pjczfnfd additional: software micrograf / microflow and qdp / scnitstelle temperature control device praying grater ho...

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                Lower Austria, Austria
              • Agilent 6210 G1969A TOF LC/MS System

                • Manufacturer: Agilent

                  the agilent 6210 tof lc/ms ( lcms ) system is an orthogonal-axis time-of-flight mass spectrometer (oa-tof). that is, the ions reaching the time-of-flight chamber are impelled in a direction perpendicular to their...

                  San Diego, CA, USA