• Monopil 12 rk. hydraulic folding

    $1,443 - Mern, Denmark

      monipiil 12-row roesåmaskine, call lars for more information about this machine, tel. 40 38 39 10.

    • 2015 Accord Monopil SE 12reihig Precision seeder

      $33,462 - Straubing, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Accord

      number of row: 12 rg | subcategory 2: precision seeder

    • 2000 Kverneland Accord Monopil Non combined seed sowers

      $4,234 - Marche, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Kverneland

      mechanical distribution microgranulator hectare counter hydraulic row marker gorgeous seeding: beet, rape, cicoria mustache harrow

    • 2013 Monopil 12 RK

      $24,208 - Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark
      • Manufacturer: Monopil

      12 rk monopil precision airplanter with ph folding, stone plows, mechanical arialmåler, idler pulley, finger roll, light and with visus electric monitoring, year 2013 planted about 160 hectares in ...

    • 1996 Kverneland Monopil S

      $8,200 - Kerpen, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Kverneland

      12 single rows with mulch sowing equipment and fingerprint rollers are sold. the drive is effected mechanically via chains. the sowing of oilseed rape is also possible with corresponding slices. ...

    • 2007 Kverneland Monopil

      No price - Weert, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Kverneland

      engine type: electric; state machine: very good very nice by trade kverneland obtained 18 row beet sower. tandem sowing elements for a perfect seed image.

    • Kverneland Monopil

      $3,684 - Miroslav, Czech Republic
      • Manufacturer: Kverneland

      the machine has coulters, no disks, can not find a type plate, was bought after the turn around ca 1992, has last sown approximately 200 ha a year, technically and optically good condition - was al...