• motocoltivatore slanzi

    No price - Sassuolo, Italy Recently Added

      sell motocoltivatore slanzi, new tires just mounted, only with blade good condition. for further information contact

    • Valpadana Motocoltivatore 202191

      $2,684 - Malo, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Valpadana

      motocoltivatore valpadana 14 like new gross weight (gvw): up to 35 (b license)

    • Walking tractor Grillo G52 6

      No price - Avella, Italy Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Grillo

      motocoltivatore motozappa kohler lombardini 3000 series ohv 6.5 hp manual start to recoil fuel gasoline displacement 196 cc, 1 gear transmission in oil bath transmission forward and reverse adjusta...

    • Walking tractor Nibbi MAK 17 14cv LOMBARDINI NEW

      No price - Avella, Italy Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: MAK

      motocoltivatore motozappa bartolini nibbi mak 17 new 3ld510 lombardini 14cv, pto dual speed transmission with gears in oil bath with four speeds (3 forward + 1 reverse) in both directions. the gear...

    • GRILLO motocoltivatore Agricultural tractors

      $2,147 - Emilia-Romagna, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Grillo

      tractors motocoltivatore brand grillo, from 9 hp petrol engine subaro four times reversible, differential lock, like new, with cutter bar to 105 cm and snow blade mechanical executive from handlebar

    • Motocoltivatore S.E.P. Rev 6000

      $1,503 - Campiglia Marittima, Italy Recently Added

        buy cultivator model rev sep 6000 equipped with accessories motions: cages, barrafalciante never used and plow. the blades of the cutter are new, has the string starting with the possibility of ins...

      • Motocoltivatore F 12 Diesel

        $3,005 - Campania, Italy Recently Added

          buy cultivator new factory warranty 2 years. motocoltivatore f 12 diesel electric start with battery motor and original alternator, with differential lock, with drill 80 cm adjustable. the cultivat...

        • Motocoltivatore .agricolo pgf F12 .New

          $3,006 - Campania, Italy Recently Added

            motocoltivatore ricolo pgf f12 ... new factory .... complete n rotate iron ... reversed king with 3 forward and 3 brands rot indietro..avviamento ..elettrico ..or with battery tear ... yanmar diese...

          • motocoltivatore bloccaggio differenziale Engine driven cultivator

            No price - Emilia-Romagna, Italy
            • Manufacturer: motocoltivatore

            tractor with automatic locking on wheels motocoltivatore lightweight and handy suitable also selling slopes with engine oil level, automatic locking the wheel drive including the flat lawn and shru...

          • 1995 GOLDONI MOTOCOLTIVATORE 130

            $1,200 - Palagonia, Italy
            • Manufacturer: Goldoni