• 2015 muetek MUP 450 Briquetting

    No price - Filderstadt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: muetek

    hydraulic briquetting press for 4-corner briquettes for 24-hour daã¼rbetrieb throughput: 300 - 500 kg / h (depending on material) brikettmasse: 60 x 150 mm length of 40-105 mm adjustable feed riche...

  • 2014 muetek MUP NEM Briquetting

    No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: muetek
    • Hours: 4

    heavy briquette press designed for 24 hour operation for producing square briquettes made of your aluminum chips. stock machine as visited, about 4 hours. reference system. technical data:-perfor...

  • Muetek St 580 Foil Welding Machine

    No price - Hösbach, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Muetek St 580

    muetek st 580 b8qqg3tv foil welding machine shrink tunnel - st 580 with conveyor belt schrumpffolienbanderollierer with sealing clamp pulse welding system with adjustable welding and cooling time...

  • 2015 muetek MPP 180 Briquettes for animal feed

    No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: muetek

    press for making briquettes feed for pigs, rabbits, horses, etc. the mpp 180 is also ideal for occupational material for pigs produce. + prevents too rapid seizure + less boredom for the animals ar...