• Murska 350s

        bruiser sn; 3502 stock no; 12003700 can be viewed at head office, insch

        No price
        Insch, United Kingdom
      • Murska 2000

        • Manufacturer: Murska

          effective murska 2000 2x2 valssimylly max. power of 50 t / h crimped cereal, a carriage max. 40 km / h and the air suspension bobcat 400/60-15.5 tires and brakes, groove rolls also allows pea and härkäpapuseosvil...

          $34,074 (USD)
          Seinäjoki, Finland
        • Murska 350

          • Manufacturer: Murska
            $1,424 (USD)
            Vantaa, Finland
          • 2006 Murska S350

            • Manufacturer: 3M

              accessories: waltz mill 3m elevators and 2m3 funnel. elevator unused 1m extension.

              $6,341 (USD)
              Ilmajoki, Finland
            • Murska 350 S

              • Manufacturer: Murska

                siistikuntoinen-house have little crushed addition funnel - suitably

                $4,023 (USD)
                Seinäjoki, Finland
              • Other make Chinese Murska

                    small jaw crusher includes a filling funnel. 10 kw engine renovated in 2016. the soft starter is missing. had a month off was crushing the glass, hammer crusher removed from the road.

                    No price
                    Tampere, Finland
                  • 2010 Murska 700 S HD

                    • Manufacturer: Murska

                      the smallest hd model is the murska 700 hd, which is ideally suited for medium and low for larger farms. it is hammasvetoiset specially rollers, which flatten millions of kilograms of feed grain. capacity is the ...

                      $7,272 (USD)
                      Kiuruvesi, Finland
                    • 2004 Murska 1400 S 2x2

                      • Manufacturer: Murska

                        the second rolls. by little use of the new option. missed unnecessary and stored.

                        $32,360 (USD)
                        Jyväskylä, Finland
                      • 2004 Murska 1400 S 2x2

                        • Manufacturer: Murska

                          less use a new alternative. left unnecessary and stored.

                          $26,411 (USD)
                        • Murska 700 S TR valssimylly

                          • Manufacturer: Murska

                            tractor-mounted roller mill with pistol gliders and chain shifter. in good condition. machine estate.

                            $5,652 (USD)
                            Lahti, Finland

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