• 2008 Sandvik DC550/ MYYTY

    No price - Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Sandvik

    the good working sandvik dc550. hour meter does not work, and therefore the exact hours not known.

  • 2013 Einböck GrassManager 600 MYYTY!

    No price - Finland
    • Manufacturer: Einböck

    einböck grass-manager 600 + p-box speed pneumatic seeding machine. the machine is provided with a leveler, and the blocks are attached to the frame, a machine is a right aerator. electronic pneum...

  • 1990 Scania T143 6x2 vaijerilaite,MYYTY!!!

    No price - Forssa, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Scania

    the good old torpedo v8 -vaijerilaitteet -lisähydrauliikka transom -lisähydrauliikka kippikärry -napaperä -vetovarustus -hyvät rings

  • 2008 Scania R480 6x2 Koukkulaite,MYYTY!!!

    No price - Forssa, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Scania

    -very clean euro 5 hook car -palift hook device -hydr.lukot aluminum wheels finance / exchange successful

  • 2014 Kvick-FINN Tough 3200 MYYTY!

    No price - Finland
    • Manufacturer: Finn

    tough 3200 is a very powerfully built cultivator hard and stony soil, the machine is equipped with a hydraulic kivenlaukaisimella.

  • 1998 Amazone UF 1200 MYYTY!

    No price - Finland
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    the syringe is stamped on 06/16/2014. the syringe must always be stored indoors and has been little used, regardless of age.

  • 2013 Volvo FH460 6x2 takateliveturi,MYYTY!!!!

    No price - Forssa, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Volvo
    • Suspension: Parabolic-air

    -valmiiksi equipped car ready, complete -siirtopöytä -webasto -työkalulaatikko -hytissä: tv, coffee maker, refrigerator, power inverters -katolla wires ready for lighthouses and extra long fi...

  • 2000 Sisu E11 6x2 veturi,rautajouset,MYYTY!!!

    No price - Forssa, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Sisu

    -hydraulics -parabeljouset the condition of car stamp 02/2017


    No price - Kärsämäki, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Perkins
    • Capacity: 4400 cm3
    • Hours: 3900 h

    user's manual, ce, registry, work lights, flasher, telescopic boom, the front and rear auxiliary hydraulics, in good condition linkkukurottaja. kärsämäki location. technical information: max load:...

  • 2009 Valtra T151 Hi-Tech SOLD

    $50,421 - Sievi, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Valtra
    • Hours: 5 200 h

    indeed, a fine and a good specimen! machine myyty..tulossa t191 hi-tech