• KNF Neuberger Pump w/ IFT-NW25-4 Duniway Molecular Sieve Trap

    $900 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: KNF Neuberger

    knf neuberger pu1558-n035.0-9.03 pump w/ duniway molecular sieve trap ift-nw25-4 pump is explosion proof pump: 115v, 60hz, 2.7a molecular sieve trap

  • KNF Neuberger Laboport Chemically Resistant Dry Vacuum Pump

    $1,789 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: KNF Neuberger

    this knf neuberger laboport chemically resistant dry vacuum pump is in very good condition.  consider a knf laboport pump for quiet, reliable operation without the messy handling of pump oil or the...

  • KNF-Neuberger N1200 ANE/MW80/4 Vacuum pump #2424

    No price - Berlin, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: KNF-Neuberger

    knf-neuberger; n1200 ane/mw80/4; 4.5a voltage : 230v elec. power : 0.6kw

  • Millipore MultiScreen 29337

    $816 - Burladingen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Millipore

    millipore multiscreen filtration system mavm0906r. with knf neuberger biometra vacuum pump n740.3ft.18. without connection tubes and filter cartridges.

  • Pump Stand KNF Neuberger Laboportsystem NCC840

    $1,541 - Pliening, Germany Recently Added

      with a capacity of 38 liters/min, final vacuum 8 mbar, 2 controllers nc800, separator, hig capacity condenser, mounted as pump stand new price 4.700 €