No price - Osaka, Japan
    • Manufacturer: 日陶化学

    capacity(l): 0.2

  • 2003 Nitto PC-165 Polygon Machine

    No price - Shimane Prefecture, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Nitto
    • Spindle Bore: 45mm

    working dia:60mm machining length:100mm spindle bore:45mm

  • 1993 Nitto PC-200 Polygon machine

    No price - Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
    • Manufacturer: Nitto

    max dia cut:100mm max length cut:130mm spindle inner dia:60mm spindle 165rpm

  • 2008 NITTO MA-3000III

    No price - Tokyo, Japan Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: NITTO

    wafer mounter qty: 1

  • NITTO/ATRA ACE HS 30 magnetic drill presses

    No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ACE
    • Capacity: 17.5 - 30/35 mm mm

    brand new magnetic drilling machine adapter for core drill with guide screwed to the magnetic base, 1 core hole drill according to selection, manual (english)

  • Nitto Kohki M-250

    No price - Yokkaichi, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Nitto Kohki

    ac200v drilling diameter: 25mm ※ drill chuck & amp; mu chuck arbor


    No price - Yokkaichi, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Furukawa

    100 t press 2m machine name: brake press

  • Alfra Selfer Nitto Kohki A06-1322 portable hydraulic puncher

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Alfra Selfer Nitto Kohki

    hydraulic manual punch a06-1322 with hydraulic power pack sc-05 punching power: 367 kn (36.7 to) punches 22 mm 13 mm sheet thickness up to diameter projection: 60 mm connection hoses between the ...

  • RNA SRC-N 400-1R bzw. 1L Rüttelmagnet

    No price - Steyr, Austria
    • Manufacturer: RNA

    2 vibratory rna src n 400-1r and src-n 400-1 l, unused in addition 1 rack with 2 other sort vibrators weber, used 1 linear feeders or screw feeding system nitto seiko used fm 502 h vibrating head h...