• 1998 Odenwaldwerke MM 100

    • Manufacturer: Odenwaldwerke

      non-reversing depth loosening up to 80 cm (demolition loosening), various spare parts available, power requirement 150 hp

      $19,653 (USD)
      Jülich, Germany
    • Odenwaldwerke MM 50

      • Manufacturer: Odenwaldwerke
      • Working Width: 1.40 m

      it is a stinging deep spade machine, multi-purpose melioration machine, break-off loader. in vines or fruit plants can be loosened here in the stock, e.g. against chlorosis problems or full-harvest traces. pla...

      $10,595 (USD)
      Heilbronn, Germany
    • OWR Odenwaldwerke MM 100

      • Manufacturer: OWR Odenwaldwerke
      • Working Width: 3.00 m

      it is a real deep spade machine, multi-purpose melioration machine, demolition loader processing depth depending on the tool used 40 - 100 cm. ideal for vineyard ridges, planting for fruit trees and asparagus or...

      $29,023 (USD)
      Heilbronn, Germany

      • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

        vehicle position: bovenden, double seat bench, heater, switch 8, diff. lock, omnidirectional luminaire, leaf spring, winch, servo steering, engine spring suspension odenwaldwerke (owr), front & rear cable winch, ...

        $27,408 (USD)
        Bovenden, Germany

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