• OWR Odenwaldwerke MM 100

    $27,041 - Heilbronn, Germany
    • Manufacturer: OWR Odenwaldwerke
    • Working Width: 3.00 m

    it is a real deep spade machine, multi-purpose melioration machine, demolition loader processing depth depending on the tool used 40 - 100 cm. ideal for vineyard ripening, planting for fruit trees...

  • Odenwaldwerke MM 50

    $9,872 - Heilbronn, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Odenwaldwerke
    • Working Width: 1.40 m

    it is a stinging deep spade machine, multi-purpose melioration machine, break-off loader. in vines or fruit plants may be loosened in the stock, e.g. against chlorosis problems or full-harvest tr...

  • 2014 MAN 8.136 FAE 4x4 fire brigade truck RW1 single

    $12,956 - Wuppertal, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MAN
    • Mileage: 19,000 km

    2.hand since 1999, both owners were german fire brigades only 19,000 kilometers run the tÜv was only recently renewed and is currently valid until june 2018 the tires are also relatively new (singl...