• s oma valmis 14

    $2,665 - Honkajoki, Finland Recently Added

      14 m3 viljakärry, housukippi, bet, ugly but works

    • Oma valmiste Krone niittopää

      $4,729 - Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Krone

      sold on behalf of the client, functional omavalmiste puomimurskain, where the operation of the boom hydraulics on the tractor and the mower's own pump and oil tank. the machine has been valtra t17...

    • Oma sega circolare 700 Saw

      $1,166 - Rivergaro, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Oma

      phase electric motor type: circular saw | condition info: shopsoiled

    • Oma valmiste 225 HL

      $11,918 - Peräseinäjoki, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Oma

      peat truck ajettu.valmistettu autumn 2016 country: finland | division: farm equipment | production country: finland | cargo space dimensions(lxwxh): 6x2,5x1,5 m

    • oma valmiste 14

      $2,665 - Honkajoki, Finland
      • Manufacturer: oma

      14 m3 viljakärry, housukippi, bet, ugly but works country: finland | division: farm equipment

    • Oma valmiste Potila sk 450 haralla

      $2,358 - Peräseinäjoki, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Potila
      • Working Width: 14.8 feet

      the house vielä.ammattiseppä manufactured dimensions of the patient.


      $800 - Palagonia, Italy
      • Manufacturer: OMAS

      hours: 1

    • 1983 s oma valmis 74 m3

      $6,290 - Honkajoki, Finland Recently Added

        page feller cart 74 m3, kattopressu, the pressure relief valve jacks noses, compressed-air brakes, the possibility of change through wear are, good tires, newer jacks, bearings gone through, the wo...

      • 2012 OMA Diverse modellen

        No price - Wormerveer, Netherlands Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: OMA

        oma hydraulische werkplaatspersen zijn zeer hoogwaardig gebouwd en vervaardigd in italie. verkrijgbaar in de volgende tonnages: - 10ton werkbank en staand model - 15ton werkbank en staand model - 2...


        No price - Thieux, France
        • Manufacturer: OMAS

        fully automatic machine for the filling/capping/screwing of glass or plastic vial for liquid, and semi-liquid product. equipment: infeed bowl feeder for vials plastic conveyor timing screw 12-stati...