• Omavalmiste 170hl

        accessories: really well done alumiiniinilavallinen wagon. new dumper. good tires. with drop sides. position lights, | max. load capacity: 17000000 cm3

        Lapua, Finland
      • Maansiirtokärry omavalmiste

            neatly done omavalmisteinen maansiirtokärry. tuhtin bogie and 10 tons dumper. water volume 7.1 cubic meters. the bottom and sides are veneer

            Lahti, Finland
          • Omavalmiste Crane / Suursäkkinostin tractor

                omavalmiste suursäkkinostin the dimension of about 3,35m

                No price
                Närpes, Finland
              • Other make Omavalmiste

                    puulaitainen kippikärry stroke and additional opportunities pallet dimensions: length 350cm, width 210cm and a height of 100cm

                    No price
                    Kurikka, Finland
                  • Omavalmiste 230 hl VILJAVAUNU

                        accessories: roller cover. without the roller cover 12500,

                        Kauhajoki, Finland
                      • OMAVALMISTE PERÄKÄRRY 230

                        • Manufacturer: Sisu

                          accessories: again the sisu brand new platform in the yard! sand-blasted and painted body, | max. load capacity: 23000000 cm3 | country of manufacture: en

                          Ilmajoki, Finland
                        • 2016 Omavalmiste 230 HL

                              special: new / unused | accessories: now again, not! truck platform, | overall rating: 5/5 | country of manufacture: en

                              Seinäjoki, Finland
                            • Aura Omavalmiste Takasiipi

                                  omavalmiste lana barrier removal and even takala traction: connected | overall rating: 3/5 | ed. amount of previous owners.: 1

                                  Ylivieska, Finland
                                • 1993 Omavalmiste 1800

                                      factory-made, model year approx. -93. the coil hydraulically. hydraulic works and motor ok. the cable reel is included in the price.

                                      No price
                                      Uusikaupunki, Finland
                                    • Omavalmiste Hiab lift

                                      • Manufacturer: Hiab
                                      • Mileage: 0 km

                                      5000kg lifting hiab platform panel. peli.myös close the grapple capability.

                                      No price
                                      Tampere, Finland