• Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 800 Plus RIE 60811

    $110,000 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Oxford Instruments

    large capacity open loaded reactive ion etching system. pc controller provides intuitive user interaction with the system via advanced graphics and process recipe pages. footprint is kept to a mini...

  • Oxford Instruments 80 Plus RIE 57562

    $59,000 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Oxford Instruments

    compact plasma reactive ion etching system rie. the vacuum chamber is configured for optimal gas conductance at the wafer thus maximizing etch rate and uniformity. all parameters controlled via fro...

  • Oxford Instruments Ltd NMR Height 1600mm x Dia 900mm MRC_EU444709

    No price - London, United Kingdom

      oxford instruments ltd nmr height 1600mm x dia 900mm

    • Hitachi S-4700-II [PRICE REDUCED] SEM with Oxford EDS

      $120,000 - Tustin, CA, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Hitachi

      hitachi s-4700-ii is a cold field emission gun scanning electron microscope (cfe-sem), it combines the versatility of pc control with a novel electron ...

    • Hitachi S4000FE Field Emission Scanning electron microscope

      $85,000 - Berryville, VA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Hitachi

      refurbished hitachi s4000 field emission scanning electron microscope with a brand new electron source. it includes oxford xray system, we can in ...

    • OXFORD INSTRUMENTS, LIKE NITON ED 2000 ED2000 X-RAY SPECTROMETER XRF Analyzer Mineral Gold metal sulfur silicate

      $25,000 - Antigo, WI, USA

      oxford ed-2000ed-xrf x-ray spectrometer current modelstill supported by the oemperfect for your lab or gold and precious metals scrapping, c ...

    • 2000 Oxford Instruments CMI 950 - Xray fluorescence spectrometer

      No price - Regensburg, Germany
      • Manufacturer: CMI

      x-ray fluorescence for analysis of materials (such as liquids and solid states) in order to obtain information about thickness, concentrataion, etc. measurement system for layer thickness analysis ...

    • OXFORD spectro asoma thermo niton OLYMPU lab x3000 x 3000 like 3500 Instruments Lab-X Treated Wood Analyzer CCA ACZA AZQ IPBC BROMINE

      $15,000 - Antigo, WI, USA
      • Manufacturer: Thermo

      oxford lab x3000xrf x-ray spectrometer fully supportedrefurbishedhighly sensitive elemental analysis, parts per million, from sodium to uran ...

    • Cryomech ST10 58695

      $5,950 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Cryomech

      cryogenic parts test system. cryomech st10 cold head with a cp510-tech-1 compressor system. uses compressed helium to cool the cold finger chamber. gold plated cryogenic test chamber d1456326-a wit...

    • 2016 FORD F350 CAB CHASSIS

      $47,697 - White Oak, PA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Ford

      f350 chassis xlt, xlt, oxford white exterior and steel interior, xl trim. oxford white, order code 640a, engine: 6.7l 4v ohv power stroke v8 turbo diesel b20,4x4, turbo, transmission: torqshift 6-s...