• Omavalmiste paalivaunu

    $4,889 - Vantaa, Finland Recently Added
    • 2017 Paalivaunu braked 2,6x8,5m.

      $7,447 - Toholampi, Finland Recently Added

        call 0445711557

      • Palmse paalivaunu 3800

        $7,447 - Nivala, Finland Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Palmse

        neat paalivaunu without a new home! toolbox for pedestrian cloths. tires: 500 / 50r17 load capacity: 10 tons weight: 2050kg overall length: 8,28m overall width: 2,46m superstructure height; 1m

      • Paalivaunu / Box wagon self-styled

        $5,747 - Vantaa, Finland Recently Added
        • Self-made Paalivaunu / Box Wagon

          $6,952 - Vantaa, Finland Recently Added

            good wagon. the bale or laatikkovaunuksi. low length of 9,4m

          • 2015 Paalivaunu sprung bogie 7m.

            $6,084 - Vantaa, Finland Recently Added

              jani laakso call 0445711557

            • Paalivaunu Omavalmiste

              $3,680 - Vantaa, Finland Recently Added

                neatly done paalivaunu "east suomalainen" bogies. low length 6m width 2,5m

              • romill

                $24,853 - Jurva, Finland

                  paalivaunu presentation of the last wagon left. top game collecting round bales. picks up the bales paalaussuunnassa not in vain swirl bales. is also suitable for the wrapped bales. very fast and s...

                • 2011 romill

                  $19,256 - Jurva, Finland
                  • Manufacturer: romill

                  paalivaunu the last one is exported .... note the price of the offer or make an even better offer ... the last demonstration trailer left. a top game for collecting round bales. picks the bales...

                • Paalivaunu braked 2,6x8,5m.

                  $9,464 - Toholampi, Finland Recently Added