• 2000 PackR PR10V/1440

    No price - Molina de Segura, Spain
    • Manufacturer: PackR

    monobloc filer and capper for oil with 10 filling valves and 2 capping heads. speed production: 30 cans/min at 5-liter can 20 cans/ min at 10-liter can 12 cans/min at 20-liter can 10 cans/min at 25...

  • 2000 PackR, Cermex PR10V/1440 Filling equipment and sealing machines

    No price - Lorquí, Spain
    • Manufacturer: PackR, Cermex

    filling equipment and sealing machines packr, cermex pr10v/1440 used machine filling line for edible oil in bottles of 5 to 25 liters,consisting of: -monobloc filer make pack?r,model pr10v/1440, se...

  • 2012 BOURGAULT 3320-76

    $276,000 - Lethbridge, Canada Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bourgault
    • Model: 3320-76

    76', ds sngl run blkg mon, 10Þ spacing, mrb dry, 4.5Þsemi pneu packrs, ÜÞ carbide tips, double shoot air kit