$21,360 - Eboli, Italy
    • Manufacturer: PAGLIARI

    slurry tanker pagliari b140, capacity 140 , 5m fishing, hydraulic foot depressor increased, air brakes, michelin tires, controls in the cab.

  • Autospurgo stainless steel Pagliari mot.ausiliario

    $14,952 - Abruzzo, Italy Recently Added

      i sell barrels-venting construction pagliari vacuum pump battioni and pagans 21500 l / min it works with an auxiliary motor proboscis with remote control barrel in perfect condition mounted on astr...

    • Pagliari TMU 8 Feed Mixer 8M3

      No price - Mels, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: Pagliari

      8m3 feed mixer, right hand with delivery conveyor chain, electronic scale, on board hydraulics

    • Pagliari Concorde 415

      $7,011 - Etten-Leur, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Pagliari

      used pagliari horizontal feed mixer. wagon is in good condition only has a broken gearbox. wagon with a lot of stainless steel and beautiful on the tires. with weighing system and own hydraulic ...

    • 1994 Pagliari Concorde 415 zelfrijdende voermengwagen

      $12,405 - Een, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Pagliari

      self-propelled / self-loading mixer, the jacks must be renewed, drive and motor very good. a few years ago a new engine was placed in this machine for the lover here is definitely something to do!

    • PAGLIARI 3 ASSI 150 Q.

      No price - Carpaneto Piacentino, Italy
      • Manufacturer: PAGLIARI

      dumper trailers zip: 29013 | origin: national

    • 1993 Pagliari 200 Liquid manure spreader

      $20,563 - Mantua, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Pagliari

      full legal load t. 20 capacity: 13.750 l | condition info: good condition | approximate year: yes

    • Trucks fiat 330.30 - sewer drain

      $9,078 - Veneto, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Fiat

      trucks fiat 330.30, year: 1981, dual rear axle, drain sewer construction company: pagliari with depressor for self-venting. change fuler manual. good general condition. for information please conta...

    • PAGLIARI 3 ASSI 150 Q Q. Dumper trailers

      No price - Emilia-Romagna, Italy
      • Manufacturer: National

      side arm, remote control, steering assembly origin: national

    • Fiat 6 cilindri

      No price - Piacenza, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Fiat

      for staging mixer wagon pagliari