• Peräkärry pikkupyörä

    $5,444 - Ylöjärvi, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Peräkärry

    little-wheel heavy-duty hydraulic ramps good tires.

  • 1994 Peräkärry 3 akselinen kippi

    $4,295 - Ylöjärvi, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Peräkärry

    country: finland | division: trucks and trailers

  • Others Peräkärry Eläinkuljeusvaunu

    No price - Lahti, Finland

      small animal transport trolley suitable for a quad bike trailing 50 mm jaw


      No price - Parikkala, Finland Recently Added

        sold omavalmisteinen maansiirtokärry. see pictures stock-car definable on the basis of images, sisu and volvo proposed. note. some of the pictures have been taken in the summer of 2016 before the "...

      • Maansiirto peräkärry Sisu

        $8,659 - Kankaanpää, Finland
        • Manufacturer: Sisu

        drive its own hydraulic brakes kipille wide-angle pto shaft on behalf of clients

      • PERÄKÄRRY TELI N 20m3

        $7,755 - Finland
        • Manufacturer: PERÄKÄRRY

        very clean workshop 2yrs ago peruskunnostama wagon (newly renovated including a new kromikippi 3000eur) mounted on the fenders, roll cover, side lights, etc ....

      • Sepe Peräkärry vilja- ja soralaidoin

        $3,441 - Finland
        • Manufacturer: Sepe

        country: finland | division: farm equipment | attachments: for this self-made trailer tipper viljalaisoilla. drive (own gearbox), the parking foot, lights, 9.00-20-rings, 12 cc. ask for more 050...

      • Peräkärry 3-akselinen paaleille laatikoille kappal

        $5,227 - Jokioinen, Finland Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Peräkärry

        selling for customer that is even if the transport or storage of bales, boxes or cargo-friendly package herzschläge pressukapelikärry of tractor -kokonaispituus n.985cm -järeä multivan bar, rot...

      • Dice Utility 540

        $535 - Joensuu, Finland
        • Manufacturer: Utility

        utility540 atv trailer has been designed taking into account the versatility and durability. then use a cart at the cottage, the woods or the rougher work, your choice is utility540 -peräkärry. - u...

      • Sisu Trailer

        $14,571 - Seinäjoki, Finland
        • Manufacturer: Sisu

        sale teliperäkärry drive scania's platform. robust n.10m3 lava. hydr.jarrut, tipping sealed, outboard auger clutch hydraulic. tow adapted valtra. there are also other options. give me a call and in...