• 1996 Cartomac Flexo 5 Exposure Dryer and Light-Finisher

    No price - Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Cartomac

    cartomac flexo 5 flexographic printing photopolymer plates measuring 457 x 762 mm (18 "x 30") is located. bpufpggk technical characteristics: uv lamps pre-exposure timer: digital exposure timer: ...

  • 2006 SCHWAN, Germany 3000 P optional complete system Du Pont Cyrel 3000 Processor

    No price - Hesse, Germany
    • Manufacturer: SCHWAN, Germany

    the dupont™ cyrel® 3000 p is designed to be the most durable and re-liable processor on the market. it is easy to install, support, maintain and operate. it is robust, extremely cost effective and ...

  • 1995 Cartomac Finix 500 imagesetter

    No price - Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Cartomac

    finix 500 is a finishing system flexo photopolymer plates up to 500 x 800 mm (about 19 "x 31"). this finishing unit has the exposure section with ultraviolet lamps and sliding tray is entirely made...

  • 2001 Photomeca for BASF/FLINT BASF F V exposure 132 x 203 cm Exposure for Flexo Plates

    No price - Hesse, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BASF

    the basf f v exposure is a high quality, double-side exposure e basf f v exposure is capable of main exposure and back exposing high quality photopolymer plates up to a maximum size of 52 x 80 inch...

  • Steinemann Topspot 102 2001

    No price - South Africa
    • Manufacturer: Steinemann

    we are pleased to offer: technical data: min sheet size 280 x 400 max sheet size 720 x 1020 sheet production 8 000 sheets/hr pile height 1 300mm energy consumption 60kw uv varnish coating...

  • 2003 Agfa CTP with the LP 82 Ultra online plate p

    No price - Karnataka, India
    • Manufacturer: Agfa

    agfa palladio ctp with the lp 82 ultra online plate processor ctp system and plate processor agfa palladio and a agfa lp 82 ultra online xzasq7jjw this is the agfa palladio ctp with the lp...