• Physical Electronics PHI SuperSAM Scanning Auger Electron Microscope System Model 590

    $20,000 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Physical Electronics

    physical electronics phi scanning auger electron microscope system model 590 supersam sputter ion gun phi model 04-303 specimen stage phi model 15-610 cylindrical auger electron optics phi model 2...

  • C134127 Perkin-Elmer Physical Electronic

    $7,000 - United States Recently Added

      c134127 perkin-elmer physical electronics multi-port conflat cf vacuum chamber condition: for parts or not working

    • Perkin-Elmer C134127 Physical Electronics Multi-Port Conflat CF Vacuum Chamber

      $7,000 - Gilroy, CA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: International

      this perkin-elmer physical electronics division multi-port conflat cf vacuum chamber looks to be in good cosmetic condition, showing some signs o ... read more

    • Meyer C10 CLASS Z MINUS Pin Gage Set .011-.250

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Meyer

      meyer c10 class z minus features: 51mm overall length all sets in .02mm increments size laser etched on each piece (m-o pins not etched) material: 52100 bearing steel no sharp edges all members 2" ...

    • Mitutoyo 516-943-01 Metric Steel Gauge Block Set

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

      mitutoyo 516-943-01 features: manufactured from high quality stress relieved alloy steel each block is heat treated to hrc65 or hv820 for high resistance to wear high quality surface finish aids su...

    • Mitutoyo 187-201 Bevel Protractor

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

      mitutoyo 187-201 features: graduation: 5 min. (0° - 90° - 0°) blade edge angle: 30° and 60° diameter: 2.56” / 70mm consists of three sheets of stainless steel,the middle one of which is made for an...

    • Mitutoyo 500-196-20 0-6" Digital Caliper

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

      mitutoyo 500-196-20 features: hardened stainless steel construction for protection of caliper components four-way measurement capability for multiple applications: outside diameter (od), inside dia...

    • Cooper Instruments & Systems LFS210-50 50 lb S Beam Load Cell

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Capacity

      cooper lfs210-50 features: capacity range: 0-50 lbs linearity: ±0.03% f.s. hysteresis: ±0.02% f.s. repeatability: ±0.01% f.s. material: tool steel temperature range: 0 ° to 150 ° f output: 3 mv/v b...

    • Gaertner Scientific L115B Ellipsometer

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Gaertner Scientific

      gaertner scientific l115b features: ellipsometer condition info: refurbished

    • Mettler Toledo H14 Balance

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

      mettler toledo h14 features: balance condition info: refurbished